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ROTB Offseason Notes and Updates

Hey guys, I'm a little late getting this rolled out but I figured now would be the best time. I wanted to address a few topics and changes. The first thing I want to address is the welcome guide, ROTB 101, and the official community guidelines. They are always on the front page on the left side of the screen, but I've added them here as well for anyone who hasn't seen them yet. Look through them - understand them. Below them are some topics I wanted to discuss as well.

  • Following free agency, we will start preparing for the draft. If you were here last year then you should remember doing a community mock draft. Basically, everyone who participates picks a team and assigns that team's draft pick. We'll likely do a pick a day and I'm aiming for two rounds. That's still a ways away and we'll get into more detail when the time comes.
  • As you know, we're a community and my perfect scenario would be getting every member(and all you lurkers out there) involved. The "Rec" option is below a story or comment from another member and it's the equivalent of the popular +1. I don't have a problem giving the +1, but if you take the time out of your day to type it, then I'd prefer you to also hit the Rec feature. That leads me to my next point.
  • You may have noticed but I changed the settings for "Rec's". It only takes one rec for a comment to highlight in green, and two recs to bump a fanpost or fanshot to the top of the section. My goal is for the rec system to make us one of the most active communities of the NFL blogs for SBN.
  • This isn't a change but really just a rule enforcement. Most of us understand that cussing and profanity is not allowed on ROTB, but there are a few bad eggs that ruin the bunch. Please refrain from cussing as much as possible. I'm not saying that you can't at all - I'm cool with it on game threads or post game reactions(only if the Cardinals lose terribly). That is okay.
  • One thing that I wanted to suggest to anyone on the fence about posting/commenting is to not be worried. We're all Cardinal fans and chances are, we'll feel the same as you. If you want to voice your opinion about the Cardinals then feel free to write a fanpost. Most of us won't criticise you unless you come to the site to bash Kurt Warner for no reason. If you notice any breaking news, interesting videos, or pictures, then post a fanshot. Fanshots are quick and easy to post and they are a good way to get any breaking Cardinals news to other fans.
  • That's really all I can think of at this point. I'm all eyes and ears so if you have any ideas, suggestions, or complaints then send an email to Thanks guys, let's hope for a productive and interesting offseason.