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The Arizona Cardinals Must Re-Sign Strength & Conditioning Coach, John Lott

The headline says it all.

The Arizona Cardinals face a cluster of contract situations this offseason. With the likes of Anquan Boldin, Karlos DansbyDarnell Dockett, and Antrel Rolle, strength and conditioning coach John Lott may get overlooked.  

When Lott was signed to the team he immediately made his mark - lobbying for free weights instead of machines at the Cardinals training facility in Tempe, AZ.

More importantly, he made an impact by considerably improving the player's health. For the last two years the Cardinals have been one of the healthiest teams in entire league, which in large part is the reason for success they've experienced. Losing Lott would be insurmountable to the team. Good health has been on their side.

The Cardinals have only lost a hand full of players to the dreaded injured reserve, with the only significant injury being rookie LB Cody Brown in this past year's preseason.

Lott understands that he's only part of the bigger picture.

"We had to change the culture, and the culture was losing," Lott said. "I'm just a small piece of the pie. That's all I am. But it's important. I might not be the chocolate in the chocolate pie, but I'm probably the crust. A lot of teams take it for granted, and those are the teams I won't work for."

The Cardinals may fall along those lines some time this offseason, when Lott's contract expires at the end of January. Rumor has it that the coaches are looking for a brand new weight room, but most don't expect the team to address the request. That can't look good.

It was also speculated that the Cardinals did make an offer to Lott, but it was so unappealing he hired an agent to deal with negotiations.

Lott's enthusiasm for weight lifting has even reached the NFL Network. He's featured during the NFL combine and wired for all to hear. Other teams may have also heard - he'll be available if the Cardinals can't make a deal.