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RotB Playoff Pick'em: Pro Bowl Edition; Pro Bowl?!

Hell has truly froze over:  Cardinals made the Super Bowl last year and the Saints are in the "big game" this year!  What's next, a Browns/Lions Super Bowl next year?  Congratulations to the Colts and Saints on their Conference Championships.  DaCards and blank_38 each earned 44 Pick'em Points with their 24-17 Colts predictions while Cardinalfever's 35-28 Saints prediction was best for the late game earning 46 points.  This leaves DaCards with a commanding 37 point lead going into Super Bowl XLIV but that lead is not insurmountable considering negative scores are easy enough to earn (though none last week!).  Check back next week to submit your Saints/Colts predictions.

RotB Playoff Pick'em Standings

Username Pick'em Points
DaCards 226
Hawkwind 189
robloosli 185
kengle33 179
Hibernian 175
JoeCB1991, StuckinColorado 165
RottPhiler 151
SenSurround 136
Andrew602 108
Cardinalfever 106
Bezekira 98
blank_38 73
hevchv 72

Now, what to do about this silly game called the "Pro Bowl" that is coming up this weekend.  I briefly considered adding it to the Playoff Pick'em schedule but tossed that thought out quickly.  Instead, we'll have a one-off week of RotB Playoff Pick'em: Pro Bowl Edition.  Pick a winner and final score as normal and our closest predictor(s) will score...something.  Might just be some Cardinals ink pens, maybe a Pro Bowl hat.  ::shrugs::  Maybe a pat on the back from JoeCB as he's so good at that already!  Depends on my $budget$.  This is open to all RotB Members, not just those that have participated in the Playoff Pick'em thus far.  Here's your chance, Drullin'.
Away Home Date/Time (ET) Network
AFC NFC Sun., 7:30 PM ESPN