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RotB Playoffs Pick'em: Wild Card Weekend

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With the regular season having finished up Bezekira finds himself brandishing some NFC West Champion prize swag and bragging rights for the whole off-season.  Competition was tight in RotB Pick'em and fun to follow along with, so why stop with the regular season?  With some Cardinals' <<sips Kool-aid>> Super Bowl 44 swag on the line, it's time to introduce the RotB Playoffs Pick'em format.

  1. The entire weekend's bracket of games must be predicted before the first game's kick-off time.  To qualify for the "grand prize" the entire NFL playoff schedule must be picked; miss a single game and you're disqualified.
  2. Pick a winner and final score.
  3. Pick'em Points are awarded based on a correctly picked winner and how close your predicted score is to the actual final score.
  4. Whoever has the highest Pick'em Point total after the Super Bowl is the winner.

Pick'em Points are assigned as follows:

  • Correctly picked winner earns 50 points minus the difference between your predicted score and the actual score.  An exact score match earns a 10 point bonus.
  • Incorrect picks earn 20 points minus the difference between your predicted score and the actual score.

For example, if you pick the Cardinals to beat the Packers 6-3 and the final score is 26-13 Cardinals, you'd earn a total of 20 Pick'em Points (final score is 30 points off the predicted score).  If you had picked the Packers to win 21-17 in the same scenario, you'd earn 3 points (17 points off the respective teams' scores but wrong winner).  Clearly the closer you are to reality the more points you earn with even a close incorrect pick giving you enough points to keep you in the running over the course of the playoffs.  

2009 Season Wild Card Weekend Schedule

Away Home Date/Time (ET) Network
NYJ CIN Sat., 4:30 PM NBC
GB ARI Sun., 4:40 PM FOX