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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 17

In the final week of the season the Cardinals finished with a 33-7 loss against the Green Bay Packers. That didn't stop any website from ranking the Cardinals inside the top 10 though. Most understood that the Cardinals weren't going to give the Packers anything in a meaningless game. In their final ranking of the season, the Cardinals round out with an average of 7.7.

ESPN - 8th

Injuries suffered in "meaningless" finale could prove costly for two-time NFC West champs.

Yahoo - 5th

Will DRC be A-OK – and if not, will AZ be S.O.L. against Aaron Rodgers and his receivers? 

CBS - 9th

This is a strange team to figure out, but you have to think last year's playoff run will help them this time around.


FOX - 8th

PLAYOFF PROGNOSIS: How do you feel if you're a Cardinals fan right now? Yes, the team won 10 games for the first time in Arizona and has now put together back-to-back division titles, and the Cards are the defending NFC champs, too.

NFL - 8th

NFL Fanhouse - 7th

Pro: It's very tough to stop the Cardinals passing game when they're at home or indoors. Con: It's very tough for the Cardinals to stop anyone else's passing game in any setting. Pro: They've been here before. Con: They aren't sneaking up on anyone this time. Pro: They've won without Anquan Boldin before. Con: They may have to win without Boldin again.

USA Today - 9th

Yahoo Ranker - 9th

Walter Football - 7th

Not sure what to make of Arizona's loss to Green Bay. A lot of the starters played - and got hurt - but Kurt Warner was on the bench. The Cardinals got a good look at the Packers, but having an injured Anquan Boldin will definitely hinder their chances. If we've learned one thing though, it's that you can never count this Arizona team out. If the Cardinals beat the Packers, I think they have a great shot of repeating as NFC champs.

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