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Arizona Cardinals' Kurt Warner Begins Another Post Season

On Sunday, Kurt Warner will start in the 12th postseason game of his career. It's a feat that most quarterbacks may never experience - ever. But for Warner, it's another day at the office. You could say that he's as clutch as they get in these types of situations.

But clutch may be an understatement. Kurt Warner's QB rating in the playoffs is better then the likes of  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, John Elway, and even the great Joe Montana - seriously. That speaks volumes for what he's been able to do when the team's season is on the line. In the Cardinals four postseason games last year, Warner threw 11 TDs and only 3 INTs.  Although he couldn't win the big game for the Cardinals, his effort was not at all responsible for the loss.

If Warner has it his way, the Cardinals will be heading to the divisional round next week.

Kurt Warner Rec Rate Comp Yds/G TD INT
Post Season 8-3 98.9 64.8 306 26 13

First, he must get passed the Green Bay Packers and their stingy pass defense. This year they've only allowed 201 YPG(5th), 6.4 YPA(6th), have 30 interceptions(1st), and have held opposing QBs to a rating of  68.8(4th). One blemish to their season is the number of passing touchdowns allowed. This season, the Packers defense has allowed 30 passing touchdowns(28th), seven more then the Cardinals defense.

Surely that's something that Kurt Warner is counting on, and will likely try to expose. Although he has the occasional poor performance during the regular season, one thing that Cardinals' fans can rely on is his post season production. This time last year the Atlanta Falcons(11-5) - also lead by a young quarterback - were picked by most to knock the Cardinals out of the first round. Warner threw 271 yards and 2 touchdowns in their eventual win. Be happy Cardinals fans - we have one of the best postseason quarterbacks in NFL history.