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Saturday Sim--Playoff Edition!!

Wow, the playoffs are finally here!  I know how excited I am for the game tomorrow.  I would like to say I will be in the stands tomorrow, but I wasn't able to fly out from PA, so I will be cheering from home.  To all of you Cardinal faithfuls going to the game, have a great time, get the crowd going, and come away from the game without a voice. 

Looking forward to a great game tomorrow, and I hope a Cardinals victory.  To start the playoff weekend, I thought I'd run another Saturday Sim on Madden 2010.  As usual, this is all for fun, but it is (IMHO) interesting to see how a computer simulated video game views this matchup.  We set the game on 8 minute quarters, All-Madden level, with a 15 second runoff, and away we go:

1st Q:

Cards win the toss and receive.  Warner comes out throwing, but the Cards fail to make a 1st down, and punt after 3 plays.

Pack open up in the spread, and pass the ball downfield quickly, converting a 3rd down to extend the drive before Rodgers throws to Jones for 17 yards and a TD, putting them up 7-0.

A Hightower screen gains a first down, and the Cards are driving.  2 Hightower runs give the Cards 3rd and 5, but Warner's pass to Fitz comes up inches short.  A Graham punt form midfield pins the Pack at their own 4.

A short completion, and a batted ball at the line lead to a long 3rd down pass to Driver to move the Pack up the field.  End of the first, 7-0 GB

2nd Q:

The Pack are feeding Grant on the drive, with 3 straight runs, and a swing pass move the chains just past midfield.  A completion to Jennings moves the ball inside the Cardinals 30.  The defense tightens up and holds the Packers to a FG after a near sack on 3rd  down.  10-0 GB.

Warner tries to go deep to Fitz, but the ball lands incomplete on 1st down.  Another incompletion on 2nd down brings up 3rd and 10, but Doucet can't get the 1st on the reception, and the Cardinals are forced to punt again.

A facemask penalty moves the Packers upfield on 1st down, but DRC intercepts Rodgers on the next play, giving the Cardinals the ball at midfield.  The Cards can't capitalize however, and punt after a 3 and out just prior to the 2 minute warning.

After a quick 1st down, 3 straight runs are stopped to force a GB punt with just under a minute to go in the half. 

a GB facemask on 1st down moves the ball for the Cards, but 3 straight incompletions force yet another punt.  The Packers run the ball into the line and the 1st half comes to a close.  10-0 GB.

3rd Q:

2 straight Grant runs open the drive, and a 3rd down conversion keeps the drive going.  CC gets in the action by sacking Rodgers on 1st down, and a short run brings up a 3rd and 11 that is nearly picked by DRC. 

After a Packers punt, the Cards start at their own 40.  Warner wastes no time throwing completions to Fitz twice, moving the ball to the GB 31.  Warner seems to be heating up, and throws 2 more completions to Hightower for the 1st down, but the drive ends when Warner is intercepted on the 10 yard line. 

Luckily, DRC came to play and Intercepts Rodgers on 1st down, returning it 33 yards to the house.  Cards on the board, 10-7 GB.

Rodgers throws on 1st down for 12 yards to Jennings, but then the Pack get the ground game running.  3 straight runs get the 1st to extend the drive, and Rodgers throws for another 1st down into cardinals territory as the 3rd Quarter comes to a close, 10-7 GB.

4th Q:

GB still with the ball, and a Grant run to the outside proves to be trouble as Dansby forces a fumble that A-Dub scoops and returns 60 yards for a TD.  Cards up 14-10.

After 2 short runs, Rodgers completes a pass to Jennings to move into Cardinals territory again.  A completion to Driver and a Grant run gives GB another 1st down, when Rodgers hits Jennings inside the 10 to give GB 1st and goal at the 9.  Grant is stuffed on 1st and 2nd down, Jackson is stuffed on 3rd, leading to a 4th down pass attempt that DRC intercepts in the end zone!

on 1st down, Hightower breaks a couple of tackles and runs for 38 yards into GB territory.  Now it's Beanie's turn, as he runs 3 times, but can't quite get the 1st.  Rackers FG attempt goes wide right at the 2 minute warning, giving GB the ball down 14-10.

In the hurry up and needing a TD, Rodgers throws for 2 consecutive first downs, before finding Driver for 27 yards and a TD, giving GB the lead back 17-14 with 1:16 to go.

Now it's Warner's turn to run the hurry up.  A completion to Fitz moves the chains, and another to Doucet does the same, but a Sack on Warner causes a fumble that GB recovers at the Cards 45 yard line with 40 seconds left. 

GB runs 3 straight times and kicks a 55 yard FG to go up 20-14. 

The Cards take the Squib kick to midfield, but have no timouts left.  A long pass to Breaston is dropped, and on the last play of the game Breaston catches a long pass but is tackled at the 4 yard line, coming up just short.  Final score, GB 20, AZ 14.

Couple of things, this was a defensive battle.  Neither team really moved the ball all that well.  I think this game will probably be more of a shootout than a defensive game tomorrow, but it was interesting that the Madden simulation thinks otherwise.  I certainly wouldn't mind seeing DRC get 3 picks and a TD, and also Wilson getting a fumble return for a TD, but I'd rather see a Cardinals Victory no matter how it happens.  Let's see what happens on the field tomorrow, and as always, GO CARDS!!!!!

Box Score:

Passing:  GB-Rodgers 21/29 265 2/3, 83.9.  AZ-Warner 11/19 141 0/1, 59.3.

Rushing:  GB-Grant 17/51, Jackson 8/18, Kuhn 1/1. AZ-Hightower 8/48, Wells 4/9.

Receiving:  GB-Jennings 7/109 1 TD, Driver 5/61, Jones 4/51 1 TD, Grant 3/23, Nelson 1/16, Swain 1/5.  AZ-Fitz 4/49, Breaston 3/54,  Doucet 2/19, Hightower 2/19.

Sacks:  AZ-Campbell 1.  GB-Jolly 1.

INT:  AZ-DRC 3(1 TD).  GB-Jones 1.

Fumbles: GB-Jolly FF, Mathews FR.  AZ-Dansby 2 FF, Wilson FR (TD)

FG:  GB-Crosby 2/2.  AZ-Rackers 0/1.