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10-1-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Welcome to October. It is almost the weekend, Arizona State is playing Oregon State in a game that I see them winning, University of Arizona is off, and the Cards are traveling to San Diego with two of their 3 main receivers out for a couple of weeks and undrafted rookies taking their place. This could be interesting...

Also, I messed up the date on yesterdays post. And there isn't really a lot for me to post on here today. To make up for it, a video of Dave Pasch saying "Childs Please", and something else involving a golden shower...

Arizona Cardinals-San Diego Chargers game blacked out in San Diego
The San Diego Chargers say Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals will be blacked out on local TV.

Arizona Cardinals' return man LaRod Stephens-Howling a special force
By the time he was a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, LaRod Stephens-Howling already was accustomed to people doubting him because of his size.

Anatomy Of A Kick Return
It was The Hyphen’s exclamation point.

LaRod Stephens-Howling KO Return for TD vs. Oak

Fitz’s hair, the receivers and some racing
Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was going over his probable wing mates in San Diego — mentioning all the rookies — when it was pointed out that’s all he has to play with him.

Skilled Battle Rapper Takes Cardinals Down A Notch - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Enjoy this random 49ers fan from New Mexico "rapping" about the Cardinals for 5 and a half minutes.

The Hyphen talks punt returns, Sproles
First things first: LaRod Stephens-Howling isn’t going to return punts. Not right now. The Hyphen has talked to special teams coach Kevin Spencer about it, and he’s given it a try in practice. But it’s just not The Hyphen.

Whisenhunt on Williams, WR's, Beanie and Paris

Larry Fitzgerald adjusts expectations |
The Cardinals feel a bit like the NFC's version of the Bengals. They are 2-1, but the fan base isn't happy. The offense is struggling. The difference is that Arizona plays in the NFC West. Winning a few games early and improving in the second half of the season could be enough for a playoff berth.

Predictions For The Cardinals And Sun Devils Football Weekend: I Don’t Know What To Believe In Anymore - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
We here in Arizona apparently live a world of uncertainty. Last week's three gridiron games accomplished absolutely nothing except making me realize that everything I may think I know about the Cardinals, Sun Devils, and Wildcats could be wrong. While I may have guessed the outcomes correctly, I couldn't have been farther from reality in terms of how things actually played out.

Arizona at San Diego: Young WRs To Shine? | Bleacher Report
You've heard the news by now, and groaned. Another WR out for the Arizona Cardinals. - Cardinals know Chargers will be tough to stop
As far as yardage is concerned, the San Diego Chargers are the best in the NFL. - Cardinals vs. Chargers - Injury Report
The official injury report for the Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers Week 4 game. - Cards game most watched program in the Valley
The Cardinals dramatic home win over the Raiders scored big with Valley television viewers on television and ranked as the highest-rated Week 3 broadcast ever for the team.

The Out-Of-Market NFL Fan's Ugly Alternatives To Sunday Ticket -
Suppose you're a fan of a Chiefs team that is off to a 3-0 start. Suppose you're asked to pay $350 for the privilege of watching them. The alternatives to subscribing to DirecTV's Sunday Ticket are out there, but they aren't pretty.

Week Four Friday 10-pack |
It's Friday morning. And since the news flow often slows down on Friday morning, we need to fill space.

Audio: Doubling up on the NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Doug and Wolf Show in Phoenix nearly stumped me Thursday by asking me to name the best team in the NFC West right now. But I did come through with an answer.

NFC West Penalty Watch: Week 3 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals made reducing penalties a priority when Ken Whisenhunt took over as head coach in 2007. Penalties were down for Arizona in 2009, but they're back up this season. Only the Oakland Raiders (37) and Dallas Cowboys (35) have committed more than the Cardinals (33) through three games, counting declined penalties.

Officially speaking: Roughing the passer - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The NFL is increasingly concerned with protecting quarterbacks.

NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 4 - National Football League - ESPN
Each week on, the brain trust of Bristol University convenes and our experts offer their predictions for the upcoming slate of NFL games. A green border indicates a correct answer, and a red border indicates a wrong answer.

PFT's Week Four picks |
When the Jets knocked off the Dolphins on Sunday night, I took a one-game lead over Rosenthal in Week Three of our head-to-head pick-fest. I only needed the Packers to beat the Bears on Monday night to secure the victory. And the Packers did indeed beat the Bears; unfortunately, the Bears outscored them. So it was a push, with both of us having an 11-5 record. And this means that I get to cut and paste and edit the Week Four installment.

San Diego Chargers don't blame absent Marcus McNeill, Vincent Jackson
The San Diego Chargers don't blame their 1-2 record on the absences of starting left tackle Marcus McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson, who haven't played because of contract disputes. news: Niners hope to turn season around after hitting 'panic button'
In 2008 there were only 13 kick returns for touchdowns. That number increased to 18 in 2009. We have only had three weeks of games, and there are already six scores on kick returns. Of course, the healthy return of Seattle's Washington is a big factor in the pace, but it also speaks volumes about how poor the coverage units really are right now. The Chargers might be undefeated if their coverage units were better. They have already given up three touchdowns on returns, and now the Cardinals come to town with LaRod Stephens-Howling, who already has a 102-yard kickoff return for a touchdown this year. Rarely do you see a player criticize his teammates, but this week Chargers WR Patrick Crayton said his teammates don't take special teams seriously enough. Heads will roll if the Cardinals return a kick for a touchdown.

Childs Please! (via jayd243)

Golden Shower (via MichPlacedGator)