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Gamethread Highlights: Revenge Against The Saints Edition

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This one felt a lot better to look through than last weeks gamethread did. A win does provide less of the entertaining rants as a blowout loss like last week did, but at least you don't feel disgusted by the memory of the game after reading through everything again.

One critique though. None of you guys did some kind of Who Dat Chant at the Saints? I was expecting someone to use that entire thing around the end of it to mock them for losing. But, there was some entertaining stuff in here. Not enough profanity, but it was entertaining.

Following an Interception by Hall after a False Start moved the offense from 3rd and 5 to 3rd and 10.

JoeCB1991: Crap...


Bad throw, thanks for the penalty too guys.

KholdStare88: I'd say the penalty forced that throw too

Phil7178: no it didnt

it made the situation worse, but it definitely didn’t force Max Hall to throw into double coverage. He stared down Fitz and tried to force it. It was a very poor decision

KholdStare88: Uh, what?

Why did he try to force it? Because other available throws that might have gotten a first down on 3rd and 5 wouldn’t work anymore.

Phil7178: but he had a single covered tight end over the middle that would have been very close

and missing the first is better than a turnover anytime

KholdStare88: And yet he went for Fitz

Which means the penalty made him do it. He didn’t have to, but it forced him to make the bad decision.

Phil7178: cmon
I’m cheering for Max Hall to be great as much as the next guy, but that penalty didn’t force his hand, it was a bad decision and I’m willing to accept it as a rookie mistake

Early in the game following some defensive breakdowns.

JoeCB1991: Another game where we can't stop a 3rd string back?

What the hell…

Skii: Soon every team we play is going to intentionally break their first two RB's legs

hadrarius: They'll deactivate them for the game for good luck.


Skii: I bet if we gave everyone on the defense a gun

They’d still not be able to stop the run.

hadrarius: They'd shoot each other in the attempt.


(Following a Touchdown by Shockey where he was wide open)

Skii: Kurt Warner called it

Someone shoot the defense, and push Bill Davis off a cliff.

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: how predictable is it
 to play fake at the goal line and throw to the TE. every team does it. Kurt Warner knew it was coming. I knew it was coming.

Shortly before Halftime when Hall was injured

CanadianCard: Hall is limping off the field,not good at all,

hadrarius: If Hall goes out this game is done.

Please don’t be injured Max.

JoeCB1991: Crap...

Hall is limping and the Turnover Machine is warming up…


(A few minutes later, after Hall came back into the game following a pick and got his head taken off on the fumble to Levi Brown TD)

KholdStare88: I can't imagine DA trying to throw long for TD

I’m ready for despair.

JoeCB1991: Damn you Saints

Injured another one of our Quarterbacks.

roblooski: DA

Just got another one of our WRs hurt

IrishCardinal: Id say our WR's hate DA

nice hospital pass to Williams there

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: wasn't that why we kept DA over Leinart?

GraydonS: All of the pro's for DA quickly disapeared. NO reason to keep him.

hadrarius: A pick 6 would have killed us there.

Anderson might not have made it out of the building whole.


Hall's fumble to Levi Brown for a TD following a Pick by Lenon

KholdStare88: TD

Weirdest TD ever but hey!

Dropkick434: Hall is getting battered



Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: TD LEVI BROWN

pthesz: Not a tag line I thought I would ever see.


CanadianCard: I must say stupid move by hall to try to run through all those defenders

JoeCB1991: Hall has balls of steel.

JoeCB1991: Thank you Ben Graham for putting us in position to get that TD.

Send his ass to Canton!


EcERyda69:Hall trying to kill himself out there

UDFA trying to prove everybody wrong who passed on him, but dont try to kill yourself lol

KholdStare88: But man, did he help with the momentum.

EcERyda69: he will definately endear himself to his teammates with plays like that

Something that sums up the Cardinals at times

Ghettoboxx: can someone finally...

Acknowledge it for once? We’re the team that just won’t die!

az78true: I will and I f***ing love it!

Some 3rd Quarter stuff

CanadianCard: This is really p***ing me off

4 guys missed that tackle!

roblooski: Our defense doesn't like to tackle 2nd and 3rd string running backs

KholdStare88: They're being nice and gentlemanly


(Following a missed 29 yard field goal by the Saints)

GraydonS: Man kickers have a hard time against us.

Winter: What silliness is this? Can't the Saints find one single good kicker?

hadrarious: Ack....... Can we say choke?
Whisenhunt is right. Our special teams play has gotten into the heads of the opposing kickers. Don’t even need to block them anymore. They miss on their own.
GraydonS: I've forgotten how nice a touch throw is...

az78true: yeah a D.A. will do that to you....
JoeCB1991:Bet that Fitz enjoys having someone who can actually get the ball to him.

hadrarious: Understatement of the day

az78true: Like I said I think that's why he dropped that bomb at the 1 yd line because he didn't know what to do with an accurate ball.

Ghettoboxx: what?

DA could get it to him. Just not in the right place!

Rhodes' fumble return for a TD

JoeCB1991: HOLY S***!!!

KholdStare88: WHAT


hadrarious: Holy s***!!!! Rhodes!!!!!!

GraydonS: Wow second Kerry Rhodes Fumble recovery for a TD.

roblooski: I don't miss Antrell Rolle


Dropkick434: Man, I couldn’t believe how bad we looked last week. Now our rookie QB showed up significantly improved from a week earlier and our defense has shown up the whole game for the first time this season.

GraydonS: I know the D say they don't care about who is at QB. But man the energy is just SOOO different when you don't suck offensively lol.

hadrarious:Once again I'm saying it. Kerry Rhodes was the best off season move the Cardinals made.

More from the 4th Quarter, including the D stepping up to seal the win, and some odd clock management

CanadianCard: INT TOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hadrarious: This game is ours!!!!

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: wow--some defense this week

maybe Bill Davis was really working hard this week.

JoeCB1991: Where was this Defense the first 4 weeks?

roblooski: If we pull this out

Will the analysts say that NO lost it or that we won it?

(Right now, it looks like most of them think NO lost it)

Ghettoboxx: CAN ANYONE....


Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: I like Warner

refering to the Cards as "we" in the booth.


Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: only used 1:30 for those 3 plays

not very good clock management.

roblooski: I think they would have been better off running the ball there

keeep the clock running


JoeCB1991: I keep thinking that there is no way we can lose this.

But I have seen some weird things happen with this team…

roblooski: I wonder if the Saints are who we thought they were...


(Following a 35 yard TD pass by Brees)

GraydonS: WOW.....

hadrarious: You got to be f***ing kidding me!!

CanadianCard: WHo missed that easy sack?

CanadianCard: Adams is a great tackler and special teamer, but he should not be covering people


(Bad clock management)

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: why are we running?

3 kneel downs

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: why are we still running?

they’re out of TO’s.
just kneel down.

roblooski: Whiz must have had money on the Saints straight up

NO other reason to throw the ball there

KenWo4LiFe: jesus christ

what a terrible play call.

DRC seals it, and some postgame reactions



Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: glad he scored

but that was a stupid run back—very selfish.
just last week—the 49ers lost because of the same thing and they fumbled a pick at the end.

Winter: Arizona has just defeated the Super Bowl champions!

hadrarious: G.D. DRC just lay the hell down next time!


az78true: Hell f***ing yeah! Big Big Big Win!

KholdStare88: We just beat the Saints???

I still can’t wrap my hands around it. Our cornerbacks ruled today. Even though the Saints aren’t in top form, they are still the defending Super Bowl champion. Amazing.

toolman234: Worst coaching I have seen in a 4th Q in a long time

I don’t give a crap that we won. Whiz clock management was brutal

Irishcardinal: Look at the amount of people congratulating Hall

The team believes in him big style

Winter: Cardinals are the only winning team in the NFC West?

Let’s keep it that way.

az78true: I'm out Gents and f*** yeah the Cards knock off the defending SB champs!


JoeCB1991: Looks like the NBC Crew is saying the Saints lost the game

Without giving a lot of credit to the Cards for winning.

KholdStare88: Look at this Yahoo headline

Brees throws 3 INTs as Cards beat Saints

That basically implies Saints lost the game.

I love the way this article starts too

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP)—With some luck and a lot of help from his defense, Max Hall’s(notes) NFL debut as a starting quarterback was a winner


az78true: How much do you wanna bet that ESPN power rankings don't change all that much for the Cards? Rhethorical question obviously. Anyway the Cards were ranked 25th and the Saints 2nd. The Cards should jump 8-10 spots if what has happened thus far holds true.

JoeCB1991: Cards will stay in the same spot

Saints will drop 10-15 spots for losing to us.

Damn it takes a long time to go through 826 comments...