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Gameball Of The Week: Max Hall

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As a reminder, the Sprint Gameball of the Week goes out every two weeks to a player, coach, etc. that deserves it. Don't get this mixed up with the Cardinal of the week, as it doesn't need to go to the best player of the game or even a Cardinal at that. This week, the gameball goes to rookie quarterback Max Hall and I think we all know why. Hall started the first game of his young NFL career just five games into the season against the defending Super Bowl champs -- no pressure. 

Hall's numbers don't do justice to how he performed on the field. He fought through at least three injuries and led the Cardinals on several scoring opportunities -- although they didn't run or pass an offensive touchdown. I believe it was his heart that sparked this team to play well against the Saints. New Orleans hasn't appeared as strong as they did during their Super Bowl run last season, but don't confuse them for a poor team. They were 3-1 and could have easily been 4-0 had their previous kicker made a chip-shot in overtime against the Falcons

Showing faith in his offensive line, Hall stood in the pocket and delivered the ball with fluency and accuracy, something we could say in the same breath as Derek Anderson. With his showing, Hall proved that he could permanently become the Cardinals starting quarterback, and for that, he gets the gameball of the week.