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Arizona Cardinals Photo Of The Day: Kerry Rhodes Touchdown

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When the Arizona Cardinals upset the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, free safety Kerry Rhodes was an intricate part of the victory. After securing a loose fumble, Rhodes ran into the endzone for the score, essentially absorbing the Saints momentum with him. 

The Cardinals front office was a subject of criticism this offseason when they failed to retain Pro Bowl safety Antrel Rolle on the eve of free agency. Rolle bolted for the bigger market in New York and left the Cardinals and their fans wondering what had just happened. The following day however, the front office made a quick decision when they acquired Rhodes in a trade to fill the void. 

Many fans wondered if Rhodes could be a provide the same -- if not better -- production as Rolle. So far this season he's surpassed the expectations. This season Rhodes has 30 tackles, 1 interception, 2 fumbles recovered, 2 touchdowns, and 5 passes defensed. Rolle has only recorded 31 tackles -- that's it. 

What is your take on Kerry Rhodes this season and did the Cardinals make the right move taking him over Rolle?