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10-21-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Not much to report, some of the injured players are coming back to practice, and some people with the team are upset about the new hard hit rules.

And I ordered a FatHead of Kurt Warner last weekend since they had them on clearance. I paid 5.99 instead of 99.99. Yay me.

Link time. - Injured Cardinals are taking steps forward
As the Arizona Cardinals head into a NFC West matchup against the Seattle Seahawks they find their roster improving, as key players are starting to come back from injuries. On Wednesday receivers Steve Breaston and Early Doucet, as well as linebackers Gerald Hayes and O'Brien Schofield, returned to the practice field as they take gradual steps on their way to reaching game shape.

Cardinals need more from 'D' on road - NFC West Blog - ESPN
"Inconsistent" was the word coach Ken Whisenhunt used to describe Arizona's defense during a media conference call Wednesday.

Will Cards' jump at chance to visit Qwest? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks proudly list Qwest Field as the stadium where opposing offenses suffer false-start penalties most frequently. The chart, published each week as part of the Seahawks' in-season media release, breaks down the numbers since 2005.

Arizona Cardinals get infusion of talent
The stationary bikes at Cardinals practice Wednesday remained empty and available to use the way most Americans see fit: as clothes valets. Every player participated in at least part of the first major workout after the team's off week. The only thing that landed on the bike seats was a little rain, and the bands and balls used by players rehabilitating from injuries remained inside.

Max Hall provides surprising spark for Arizona Cardinals - ESPN
They don't know him. A woman called Sister Bee is working Tuesday afternoon in the Des Moines, Iowa-based office of the Latter-Day Saints Mission, and will confirm just one thing about Max Hall: No one on staff remembers him. It was years ago, and the faces are constantly changing. He knocked on doors, spread the word of Jesus in a crisp white dress shirt and tie, and had a few of those doors slammed on him. He was 19 years old and full of youthful ambition, boundless energy and love. Who would've guessed that this kid, so unsure of what lay ahead at the next door, would someday have 120,000 lungs screaming for him? Or that he'd leave so many people guessing?

Porter's still got the fire, but not the sacks
Joey Porter preaches accountability – from his teammates and from himself. So when the topic turned to his early season play, the Cardinals outside linebacker wasn’t about to duck and run.

Cards stuff to watch, listen to, read
Some Cardinals stuff to keep you entertained over the next few days that wasn’t created by me (although make sure you keep reading my work … no slacking): Blogs " Blog Archive Warner, Woodson share thoughts on big hits "
Kurt Warner and Rod Woodson took their turns reacting to the NFL’s fines for helmet-to-helmet hits in Week 6.

Arizona Cardinals' Hall ready for noise
Rookie quarterback Max Hall is not coach Ken Whisenhunt's biggest concern when it comes to coping with the crowd noise at Qwest Field in Seattle on Sunday. He is worried more about players lined up farther away from the ball.

Cardinals LB Joey Porter reacts strongly after NFL issues warning to defenders - Phoenix arizona cardinals |
In response to several high-profile incidents last weekend, the NFL today issued a directive to NFL clubs regarding helmet-to-helmet hits the league has deemed "illegal".

Rookie focus: Max Hall could be a look into Cardinals' future -
What a long, strange trip it has been at the quarterback position for the Arizona Cardinals— in a relatively short period of time — since Kurt Warner's retirement.

Porter: More players "scared to pull the trigger"
While the issue of the NFL creating harsher penalties for the existing helmet-to-helmet and unnecessary hits rule got started yesterday (when Adrian Wilson and others talked about it), the topic certainly hadn’t gone away Wednesday. And not surprisingly, veteran linebacker Joey Porter — who has never shied away from unfiltered opinion — gave his.

Hayes Works And Wonders
Veteran linebacker could return soon; Schofield makes debut

The Way I See It - Jay Feely

Whisenhunt On Injuries; Hall on Qwest Field

Cardinals Underground Podcast (SEA Preview)
Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban, and Ron Wolfley take a look at the upcoming match-up with Seattle and more!

NFL players on big-hit fines: Is flag football next? - NFL -
NFL players are wondering what's happening to their game. One day after the league said it will begin suspending players for illegal hits, many players were asking if this still is pro football. blogs - Kent Somers - Everyone gets back to work
Injured players who ride stationary bikes during practice sometimes are teased about competing in the Tour De Cardinal. But on Wednesday, everyone dropped out of the race. Every player participated in practice. No one rode the bike or worked on the side with an athletic trainer. The official injury report won't be out for a while, but it appears receivers Steve Breaston and Early Doucet are on schedule to play Sunday. Inside linebacker Gerald Hayes is optimistic, too. blogs - Kent Somers - Back to work on Wednesday
Wednesday is the second most important day of the week in the NFL. It's when the game plan begins to be implemented and when coaches get a good idea of an injured player's availability.

Carroll, Milloy and Cardinals-Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Notes and thoughts after attending Pete Carroll's news conference and dropping by the Seattle Seahawks' locker room Wednesday:

Video: Tim Hasselbeck on Max Hall - NFC West Blog - ESPN
ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck says quarterback Max Hall's intelligence has stood out to the Arizona Cardinals' coaches.

Video: John Clayton's NFC West Huddle - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The video features's John Clayton's views on the NFC West heading into Week 7.

Wait and see with the returnees
The Cardinals were pretty healthy Wednesday. Everyone did a little something, including long-time rehabbing linebackers Gerald Hayes and O’Brien Schofield.

The Quest At Qwest
Dealing with noisy test in Seattle first job for Hall, offensive line

NFC West: Injury situations that matter - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Arizona: The Cardinals should be much healthier coming out of their bye week. Receivers Steve Breaston and Early Doucet are expected back. Their presence would very much help rookie quarterback Max Hall. The margin for error shrinks on the road. Breaston and Doucet have big-game experience. Breaston in particular can make downfield plays. Seattle could be without starting cornerback Kelly Jennings. Having more receivers healthy gives Arizona a better chance to exploit matchups. It's tough to know what veteran inside linebacker Gerald Hayes might provide, but the Cardinals need all the help they can get against the run. They've allowed 401 yards rushing in their past two road games. Hayes is returning from the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. How much he practices Thursday and Friday could reveal whether he's ready to contribute significantly. - Former Cardinal, now Giant, Rolle disagrees with suspensions for hits
Former Arizona Cardinal and current New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle joined Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo & Ash to talk about the harsher penalties for hits to an opponents head.

Fantasy Football Round Up: Cardinals-Seahawks Preview - SB Nation Arizona
Who to play and who to sit for the Arizona Cardinals in your fantasy football league this week.

Dan Bickley: NFL should beware of unintended consequences
Doug Plank caused a lot of damage on the football field. He was the heat-seeking headhunter of his time, and to this day, he cautions his wife not to toss around their surname at public functions. Too often she'll meet people whose lives were touched by her husband. Like the ex-player whose ribs were so bruised that he couldn't sneeze for a year.

Chat wrap: Big game for Steven Jackson? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Derrik (Gilbert AZ): Sando, I am worried about the Arizona outside linebackers' lack of pass rush. I think Joey Porter is only a vocal leader and is not effective and Clark Haagans is a backup. Do you think Bill Davis can scheme enough to create one? Hopefully Gerald Hayes coming back will help to stop the run in the middle. Thanks.

NFL Outdrawing MLB On TV, But What Would Phoenix Fans Watch? - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Much has been said on how twice in the last two weeks, mediocre NFL prime-time games drew more TV viewers than key MLB playoff games.

Players confused by NFL's decision to crackdown on hard hits - NFL -
Ray Lewis is worried about what's happening to his sport. The Baltimore linebacker who epitomizes hard hits in the NFL fears that the league is stripping away the inherent violence and "the game will be diluted very quickly."

Will NFL's crackdown on hitting change the game?
Don’t hit hard. It’s the message sent by the NFL this week as player safety continues to be an increasingly sensitive issue.

Seahawks offense taking on look of USC
When Pete Carroll's offense at Southern California was clicking at a record rate, there was a set schematic makeup behind its efficiency. Carroll's offense relied on two or more running backs, some bigger to run between the tackles, some shiftier who could use their speed on the edge. On the outside the Trojans regularly had a larger receiver able to use his height advantage on shorter defensive backs. And orchestrating it all was a smart, talented quarterback.

Can't change fact NFL a 'physical, tough game' - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Suspensions might help curb violent hits, but speed of the game and tackling present challenges.

Jets talk big but they're not No. 1 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
For Rex Ryan, it’s as much of a no-brainer as breaking up a team meeting to go get – and I paraphrase – a gosh-darn snack.

If NFL fears hits, why play 18 games? - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The league looks greedy in clamoring for two extra games as evidence mounts to ill effects of collisions.

Magic Johnson wants to bring the NFL back to L.A. - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
And I think California has enough teams already...

Helmet-to-helmet 10-pack |
Usually, we confine the in-season 10-pack phenomenon to Fridays as a preview and Mondays as a review. But the events of Sunday and the developments of Monday and Tuesday compel us to offer up a comprehensive look at the issue of helmet-to-helmet hits and other hits to the head or neck area of a player.

PFT's Week Seven picks |
Finally, it's happened. After two losses, two ties, and another loss, I've finally beaten Rosenthal in the weekly PFT Picks.

The Hot Read: Handicapping The First Weekend Of The Newer, Softer NFL -
How much will the NFL's new emphasis on discouraging illegal hits affect the games this weekend? No one knows for sure, but we will attempt to handicap the possible repercussions anyway.

The NFL Rulebook: Excerpts From Roger Goodell’s Unseen Masterpiece -
The NFL’s rulebook is not available for public consumption on the Internet. Major League Baseball has its rules, in full, available online. The same can be said of the NBA and the NHL. The best the NFL offers us for free is a spliced-up series of summaries. If, for example, someone cites Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8, and you want to look up the actual rule and not a brief summary, you’ll have to throw down ten bucks on the official book. news: Financing issues delay opening of 49ers' stadium to 2015
The San Francisco 49ers are pushing back the expected opening date of their planned $1 billion stadium in Santa Clara. news: Trying to make sense of season's surprises -- good and bad
Here's how crazy this NFL season has gone so far:

Dallas Clark injury update: Out indefinitely with hand/wrist injury - NFL -
Colts president Bill Polian says tight end Dallas Clark is out indefinitely with a hand/wrist injury.

Tom Brady leads MVP race in NFL; Sam Bradford top offensive rookie - Don Banks -
When he looks around his huddle these days and barks out the play call, could you blame Tom Brady for wondering, "Who are these guys?'' Here's a quick check of who the Patriots' franchise quarterback sees staring back at him in New England as Week 7 of the NFL's regular season looms:

NFL Week 7 picks, including Eagles-Titans and Vikings-Packers - Peter King -

Sam Bradford's focus on negatives turns into positive for St. Louis Rams - Jim Trotter -
Sam Bradford wanted no part of the conversation. Three days after completing 23 of 41 passes for 289 yards and the only two touchdowns in a 20-3 romp over Seattle, the Rams' standout rookie made a calculated scramble when a visitor began patting him on the back for the performance.

Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions make biggest gains in just-concluded trade season - ESPN
The NFL trade deadline passed Tuesday, and fittingly, one more deal was squeezed in: the Kansas City Chiefs sending defensive end Alex Magee to Tampa Bay.