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Is It Time For Another Change At Quarterback?

Just a quick question before someone writes up the game recap (I'm too disgusted to do it), who do you guys think should be the Quarterback next week?

Max Hall obviously had his struggles, he was missing some throws, and he threw a pick early in the game on a pass that was badly overthrown (but it could have been from the rain making it tougher to get a good grip on the ball), and I have a feeling that the rain played a factor in his struggles. One of the things that was mentioned before the draft about Hall was that he had the smallest hands out of that draft class (around 9 inches), and even if you have big hands it is tougher to hold onto the ball with the rain. And his benching wasn't because he played badly, he apparently took a blow to the head and the coaches didn't think he could go back into the game.

Even though he did play poorly, this was only his second start in the NFL, and he is still a rookie. You want to see him play better, but if the only alternative is a guy who has struggled this year, and another rookie who is incredibly raw who do you go to if you have to make a change?

As for Derek Anderson, he got off to a good start when he went in, completing his first four passes for around 65 yards, then he missed his next four and tailed off pretty badly. He made some nice throws, and he made some bad throws, which is basically what he has been for the entire year. With DA, you know what you are going to get, but more often than not it is going to be the bad Anderson it seems like.

So, what do you want to do? Do you want to see Hall get another chance if he is healthy? Do you want to see Anderson get another shot since he did move the ball better than Hall did (albeit in better weather than what Hall played in)? Or do you want to see John Skelton, or some Free Agent Quarterback and see what one of them can do?

I'd keep going with Max Hall to see how he develops. You know what you are going to get with DA, and I want to see if Hall can show enough over the next couple of games to remain the starter or at least stay on as a backup.