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RotB Survival Pick'em: Just Keep On Swimming

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For the first time in the 2010 RotB Survival Pick'em season, no one was eliminated.  Never mind there's only four survivors left.  I was sure that CARDSxFAN32 was a goner when no pick was submitted by opening kick-offs, having faded into oblivion like his number-sake Edgerrin James.  But no, a pick of the NY Clavicle Crushers keeps him a going concern...even if he's still just the small fish in school of bigger fish that take Dory's adage of "keep on swimming" on into Week 8.  Last year it took thirteen weeks to declare a winner but in this unruly NFL year of unpredictable results (Browns over the Saints?!?), it could be next week.

Week 1 - 7 Survivors Cuckoo for Coco Puffs, manphibian
Week 2 - 7 Survivor Cardinalfever
Week 5 - 7 Survivor CARDSxFAN32