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Gamethread Highlights: Drowned In Seattle Edition

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This game just plain sucked, but you guys came up with some amusing comments. So lets just get to them.

Following a Pick by Maximus

Dropkick434: That was a DA throw.

BIGRED CARDINAL: What the hell was that
KholdStare88: What kind of throw was that?

No one was even near…


BIGRED CARDINAL: hoping it was due to the wet ball

Innuendo following a Fumble.

pthesz: Guess the

wet works for/against both teams.

Skii: I would think that Seattle would be an expert with wet balls
Skii: Dear Mother Nature

I will start to recycle more if you help the Cardinals.

Following a sack by Campbell


Time to break out the booze after a Hightower fumble ruined a good drive

robloosli: If they call that a fumble...

I’m starting on the vodka.

waryou303: hey, join me

i’m already on gin and tonic, er, like, a LOT of that stuff.

it turns the game around, i swear, i got wasted on the OAK game right here.

robloosli: G&T is my angry drink

I avoid it unless i’m in a fighting mood.

waryou303: i already had my share

but i rather avoid that. the cards is our family team and i love ’em, my own team barely got the W today


AlaskanCard:why can't ANY OF OUR RBs HOLD ONTO THE FING BALL!!!!
JoeCB1991: Rain
AlaskanCard: he can't hold onto the ball in the dryest of dry conditions
robloosli: We seem to fumble whether it's dry or not

Fumbling is a MAJOR problem for our RBs

Andre Roberts and his major screw up kills the momentum on a play that made ESPN's "C'Mon Man!".

AlaskanCard: ROBERTS IS A MORON!!!
az78true: I really hope the Cardinals sit him down that was beyond f***ing moronic.
Skii: Can we bomb Seattle?
KholdStare88: Why did he stand up?

Just f***ing cover it.

Skii: How do you make a crying sound on the Internet?

Superfizzogotflow: wow i was just about to comment on how he’s been doing a good job today…

AlaskanCard: Can we gather a shooting line an execute roberts?
Skii: Roberts, just dive on that

Your a moron. A complete moron. We wasted a draft pick apparently.

KholdStare88: I'm almost as mad as our 4th game
KholdStare88: Everyone makes stupid plays once in a while

This may be Roberts’ 5th stupid play this season.

AlaskanCard: I think Andre Roberts is there new 12th man
az78true: Roberts has been the f***ing killer when he fumbled the ball like a cyanide pill.


AlaskanCard: I'd be scared to give hightower a baby, he'd probably drop it

Understatements of the Season

Skii: Donovan McNabb sounds real good right now
AlaskanCard: god I miss Kurt

And another play by the Special Teams that made it on "C'Mon Man!"...

JoeCB1991: Jason Wright kicked the ball to some Seahawk guy…


Dropkick434: ROBERTS!!! AHHHHHH

JoeCb1991: That was Wright.


Skii: Please shoot me
hadrarius: These guys should be scared to bo back into the locker room with the defensive players.


JoeCB1991: Whiz needs to kick someone in the face.
Skii: His foot would get too sore by the time he's done

The Swagtangibles have entered the building

JoeCB1991: Anderception is in.
Skii: That's assuming that we don't drop the kickoff


Skii: DA is in

Somewhere in Texas, Matt Leinart is dying from laughing.

hadrarius: Come On DA! Suck Less!
Skii: Hey, the offense got a 1st Down!

Am I dreaming?


AlaskanCard: DA is 2-2??? Oh god, the world is about to end...RUN!!!
robloosli: that actually happened?

I thought I was just drunk


hadrarius: Holy crap we're in the red zone.
KholdStare88: What the f*** is going on

Nothing makes sense anymore, but go us!

(After a TD by Beanie)

robloosli: I must be f***ing smashed

Did DA really just take us right down the field for a TD?

hadrarius: 111 yards rushing so far.

I think we can run right over this #2 run defense. If we can only make some pass completions I think we win this.

Skii: Max looks sad

DA looks happy.

John Skelton’s confused.

(Following a 71 yard Kick Return by LSH, and a string of incomplete passes by DA after getting inside the redzone)

cardsfanforlife24: again whiz's play calling doesn't make sense

run the damn ball when we’re so close and it’s been so effective

BIGRED CARDINAL: he probably got all excited that DA was doing good so just went with the pass


Superfizzogotflow: all this talk about how he wants to be a running bruising team is...just talk.

People are getting mad at DRC now...

Ihatehightower: DRC stands for Dumb Right C orner


az78true: I think I may be more disappointed by today's game than any other. The reasons are too numerable to list. Utter f***ing disgust.
AlaskanCard: lets start with 5 turnovers

And the DA that we all remember rears his head.

AlaskanCard: There's the DA we know and love

(After a throw by DA where the camera didn't move to follow the ball until 2 or 3 seconds after DA threw it)

hadrarius: Nice camerawork.
AlaskanCard: and DA throws to absolutely no one
robloosli: that's par for the field for DA
hadrarius: Who was Anderson going for on 4th down?

That was awful.

cardsfanforlife24: f*** this
hadrarius: So our run game does well but we fall behind too far to use it even though our D played great.

What a game.


YoungCardsFanatic: The only conclusion I can draw from this is that we might have had the worst quarterback dropoff in the histroy of the NFL