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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: Daryl Washington

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Every other week, the Sprint Game Ball is handed out to the player, coach, or whoever is the most deserving whether the Cardinals win or lose. After Sunday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks, linebacker Daryl Washington gets the game ball this week. 

Against the Seahawks offense, Washington recorded 11 tackles and 1 sack. His impressive performance has stemmed from an expectation-exceeding rookie season thus far. Although the Cardinals lost in Seattle, the tough play of the defense allowed the Cardinals to to remain close throughout the game.

Washington had much to do with the success of the defense, stopping the Seahawks on several drives. After the loss of Karlos Dansby, the Cardinals' front office was fortunate when they drafted Washington in the second round to replace Dansby. So far he's been one of the best offseason acquisitions.

Continuing to play well will be Washington's top priority. The Cardinals fell to second place within the division after the loss and the improved Rams are hot on their trail. Luckily the team everyone expected to win the division has been lost in the rear-view mirror.