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10-3-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Good morning. Its gameday now, not much to say except that I hope the Cardinals can get the win. Hell, I just want to see some improvement over the last couple of games.

By the way, in Arizona we are getting Anquan Boldin and the Ravens going against the Steelers for the early game. So if anyone wants to watch Q, it will be on CBS this morning.

On to the short batch of links...

Making Due
Cardinals trying to approach Chargers' game the same even with injuries

Week 4 NFL preview, picks by Bob McManaman
The Republic's Bob McManaman offers a rundown of Sunday's NFL schedule:

Arizona Cardinals must find Larry Fitzgerald's mitts against San Diego Chargers
Before this season, getting the ball into Larry Fitzgerald's hands never seemed difficult for the Cardinals. Identifying him was easy. Big guy, long hair, split wide. Just throw passes into Fitz's zip code, and like letters to Santa Claus, they usually ended up in the right hands. news: Cardinals' receiving corps down to Fitzgerald and rookies
That talented wide receiver corps the Arizona Cardinals used to have has diminished to perennial All-Star Larry Fitzgerald and three rookies, two of them undrafted. It's not exactly a recipe for success for an offense already struggling through the air with the erratic passing of Derek Anderson.

Cards Talk About The Chargers

Wolf's Building The Game Plan - Week 4

NFL Videos: Week 4: Cardinals vs. Chargers Preview
A preview of the Week 4 matchup between the Cardinals and the Chargers.

12 Things to know about the Week Four injury report |
The Week Four injury report includes seemingly countless game-time decisions. Let's have a look at the most crucial situations: news: A lesson for Singletary: Motivation begins with education
Mike Singletary is a Hall of Fame linebacker, who played the game with incredible passion and toughness. But does his background as a player make him a quality head coach? Not unless he has put the time in to learn the game as it is played today. news: Hard work, perfect system responsible for Vick's success
Since I tapped all of Vick's NFL coaches in some form, I decided to seek out Vick's first coach, Dan Reeves, who selected him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2001. Reeves was the one coach Vick had, until now, who really believed Vick could be a great passer as well as runner. Under Reeves, Vick had a career best passing season in 2002, throwing for 2,936 yards. He's never reached 2,500 passing yards since.

Vick calls prison "the best thing that ever happened to me" |
As Michael Vick talked to his former Falcons coach Jim Mora about falling from NFL stardom to prison, Mora asked, "What could I have done?"

ASU Sun Devils football loses at Oregon State
Football at this level doesn't come with many excuses, but Arizona State emerged from two recent losses with one that seemed acceptable: The Sun Devils were young, playing against nationally ranked competition. It offered a positive spin for a team seeking success.