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Arizona Cardinals At San Diego Chargers: Second Half Thread

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If you missed the first half to this game, don't be upset. It's been rather painful to watch, especially with Derek Anderson at quarterback. Here's a rundown on how the first half went:


  • The Cardinals opening drive looked very good. A Tim Hightower 22-yard touchdown run was negated by a phantom holding call.
  • After that, Anderson threw an interception.
  • The Chargers scored off of that turnover by throwing to a wide open Antonio Gates, in which our beloved safety Adrian Wilson blew the coverage.
  • The Cardinals have allowed Mike Tolbert to run wild on them so far.
  • Greg Toler forced a fumble in which Kerry Rhodes returned for a touchdown.
  • Derek Anderson threw a pick six -- after he was benched.
  • Max Hall is the starting quarterback right now and didn't look bad in his first drive. Let's hope he's got the jitters out of his system.
Go Cardinals!!!