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Positives And Negatives From The Cardinals 38-35 Loss To Tampa Bay

I was writing a recap because I didn't know if Andrew's internet was messed up again, but he got a little post game rant thread up before I was done writing. So, might as well post this part of this (the recap part is cut out).


Beanie Wells scored his second touchdown of the year, and LaRod Stephens-Howling scored his first Rushing Touchdown of his career. Larry Fitzgerald had two Touchdowns after only catching two in the first six games. None of the running backs fumbled.

Derek Anderson did make some good throws. Hall made a few good throws as well, but he made two horrible ones. Max Hall threw his first Touchdown Pass.

The Cardinals ran for 100 yards, and they threw for 296.

Gerald Hayes had a good game in his return to the lineup, with five Tackles and his Fumble Return for a Touchdown.

Joey Porter and Will Davis each had a sack, and the one by Davis forced the Bucs to go for a 53 yard Field Goal that was blocked by Kerry Rhodes.

Steve Breaston had 8 catches for a career high 147 yards in his first game back from knee surgery.

The Cardinals did try to fight back. They were down 31-14 at one point. Even making a game out of this is an incredible accomplishment.


The Defense could not consistently stop the Buccaneers Offense. Following the 2nd Pick 6 they were completely deflated until the Touchdown by Hayes. The Bucs had a 40 yard run following the final Pick by Anderson when the Cardinals had to get a stop.

While Derek Anderson and Max Hall made some nice throws, the combined to throw 4 picks. And for those of you who are calling for John Skelton, he is even more raw than Max Hall. Not happening, and even if it did the results would not be good. There should be no doubt now after watching the struggles by the Cardinals offense that Kurt Warner is a Hall of Fame Quarterback.

A bad call by the Refs took away an Interception by Adrian Wilson. They called Pass Interference, and almost none of us saw him do anything that looked like PI.

Playcalling. Kurt Warner isn't the Quarterback anymore. The Cardinals can't go out and sling the ball like they tried to do today. Beanie Wells, LaRod Stephens-Howling, and Tim Hightower need to get more chances to run the ball. The Cardinals also need to become more of a ball control power running offense until one of the Quarterbacks can step it up.

Josh Freeman completed several long passes. Greg Toler was burned on one long TD pass that gave the Bucs a 21-14 lead.


Anything else good or bad that you can think of?