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Oh Warner, Warner. Where For Art Thou Warner?

Definitely not in the West. The NFC West that is. At this point I just don't know what else to do. Is it bad that I no longer get upset that we lose. I mean, I felt so good about our QB situation coming into the year. Matt was gone and we just needed someone to manage the game while our backs did their thing. Well unforunately, starting almost every game from behind leads to increased passing. This is obviously not our strong suit. Max is proving all the non Kool Aid drinkers right. He is not an NFL QB. Derek can't find enough confidence to be a decent QB again. And Skelton hasn't been given his opportunity to fail just yet. Don't confuse this rant with someone giving up on the Cardinals. I have not lost faith in our team, or Whiz for that matter. But I have lost faith in QB situation. And I'm not the only one. Although Fitz will never admit it, he throws his hands up in frustration a lot more than he ever has. Is there a solution to our QB problem? Does it lie in our organization? Or do we need to scour the cast-offs of the other teams? What are your thoughts?