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Gamethread Highlights: The Debacle at San Diego Edition

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I talked about this yesterday, and here it is. Now, basically, I got the idea from something that is done at Windy City Gridiron (Most of you know that I also like the Bears because my dad is from Chicago, I go to WCG all the time and it is a very well run blog like most of the sites on SBN) and they basically take quotes from the gamethreads and compile them into one of these posts (This is the most recent post) for everyones amusement.

So, lets get this thing started. And for those of you who missed that game, our misery in these quotes should sum it up for you.


Referring to the 49ers and the Rams before the debacle began.

BIGRED CARDINAL: Funny how that happened everyone expected the rams to still be a bad team and the niners to kick ass yeah not the case
AlaskanCard: 49ers are going to win out and take the division

all the experts say so

BIGRED CARDINAL: the experts can go suck a d***

JoeCB1991: Boog can provide them with a couple of those.

During the first drive, when things were actually looking good....

BIGRED CARDINAL: Nice man the play calling the personal changes its all amazing right now working great

Hadarious: This is the offense I've been waiting for.
JoeCB1991: I love the playcalling on this drive.

Then everything went wrong....

KholdStare88: FLAG

My f***ing face.

hadrarius: WTF Anderson!
BIGRED CARDINAL: Son of a b***** timmy was open in the flat


KholdStare88: Penalties

Our downfall.

BIGRED CARDINAL: and anderson


BIGRED CARDINAL: That was a stupid pass and da was looking good
Andrew602: All we need from him are short passes

It was working fine on that drive. penalties happen. Its up to the Cardinals to play through them. That drive hurt though.

edbro: GOD DAMN ANDERSON...CHECK DOWN the ball don't force it!!!!!!!!! HIGHTOWER WAS right next to you!!!!!! IDIOT

The Defense then began sucking greatly.

JohMa: It's time to fire Bill Davis
Andrew602: Once again

Sending a blitz on third down

Cardzfan: who is supposed to be covering GATES

Its third down, and no one is covering him???

Cardzfan: what the heck is Wilson doing?
SunsFanForever: What Bills Davis is telling him to... unfortunately
Andrew602: Teams must really gameplan on throwing to their tight ends against our D

Wilson has too much problems covering him. Someone else needs to slide over and help from now on. Screw the blitz, it doesnt work anyway

And now, some random highlights from the rest of the first half thread.

edbro: WOW anderson trying to hit the moon with that pass to Williams?
BIGRED CARDINAL: williams wide open man come on get some accurcay with that arm anderson
Andrew602: Damnit Anderson

Thats just as bad as a pick. That shouldve been a TD

YoungCardsFanatic: All I hope is that our next QB can hit wide open receivers
KholdStare88: Recap

DA: 41.5
Rivers: 158.3

We good now.


CanadianCard: We just can't seem to stop the run
KholdStare88: That's Funny

Because we can’t seem to cover passes either.


Following a fumble return by a TD by Kerry Rhodes.

Andrew602: Wow we really needed that
KholdStare88: Happy and Sad at the same time

Because for some reason, our TDs mostly come from kick returns, fumbles, pass interference, or Hightower. Where is DA in the middle of this?

BIGRED CARDINAL: yeah agree so happy he made it all the way in because our offense wouldnt have been able to score even if they started in the red zone
SunsFanForever: Did Kerry Rhodes just do a spiderman dance?
JoeCB1991: Rolle who?

Kerry Rhodes is the man.

Nice play by Toler to pop that thing out too.

Some stuff leading up to before the Pick 6

Sir Whirly: Watching the D-line getting blown back 5 yards.

Thats just disgusting.

edbro: M. Tolbert 8att 71yds 8.9avg 23long 1TD
BIGRED CARDINAL: These replays where warner is the qb bring a tear to my eye
Cardzfan: This moment brought to you by Brandon Keith...
BIGRED CARDINAL: and now punt it back to chargers so they can score again
Andrew602: I really dont know what Ken Whisenhunt is doing

Try something different. Who cares. The offense isn’t moving well and Anderson is struggling. I guarantee he won’t be the starter all season. If he is we’ll be in trouble. This is very frustrating.

Andrew602: I would love to see Ken Whisenhunt lay Bill Davs out right now. Just a straight right hook.

Andrew602: What did I say?

Double Gates and stack the box. This is insane. Bill Davis is a very stubborn defensive coordinator.

Cardzfan: Quote of the day - "how in the world does Antonio Gates, a prolific tight end get open like that??"

The Pick 6

Skii: This is pathetic

I’m wasting my Sunday watching this.

edbro: wow, please get rid of DA.. i rather watch Hall make mistakes..atleast i could then say well he's only a rookie
Andrew602: Okay

Its time to put in Hall. No more excuses and no more prolonging this crap. If you support Anderson please plead your case right now.

Andrew602: No way we'll win the West like this. The Rams would probably still be in the game at this point
AlaskanCard: Can we just let them bull rush Anderson and break his leg?
az78true: He missed Williams wide open for a TD and then he throws into triple coverage. Really?
JoeCB1991: And the Derek Anderson era is over...
JoeCB1991: I'd be fine if he played in his dance clothes right now...

(Answering a question about bringing Warner back)

Andrew602: Its a good thing I have ROTB here. If I couldnt talk to you guys I'd probably be bashing my head into the wall.
edbro: And Leinart is laughing somewhere...

Enter the Max Hall Era

Skii: I'm officially on the Max Hall bandwagon

And I plan on burning the DA bandwagon. Anyone want to join me?

YoungCardsFanatic: Hall has shown more potential than DA has all year
Skii: You know how you guys are saying that the DA era is over?

Was there really ever an era?

edbro: Poor throw but as long I'm not watching DA it's fine.


az78true: God I hope that with D.A.'s benching the fan club will finally get it that he is not the answer and we made a mistake getting rid of Leinart. It was a mistake period!

And the rest of the second half....

Andrew602: A running back with a career high in yards against us?

What a surprise

waryou303:remember the Apollo 440 song?

stop….the run…. can’t stop the run

hevchv: Can we just move Dub to LB already.

His coverage is atrocious.

JoeCB1991: Time for another players only meeting.
robloosi:Sad part is that we can still win our division
Cardzfan: Bill Davis has that look on his face that is usually on Norv Turner's
BIGRED CARDINAL: wow i guess when youy face the cardinals a curse is placed on your kicker and though he is usually money he will miss
JoeCB1991: Is this the NFL God's way of making up for all of the kicks that Rackers missed?
Andrew602: Sigh

Six sacks in 2 and half quarters. Better Oline this year huh?


JoeCB1991: Another Sack....

Is that the 5th or 6th Sack so far?

hevchv: 6th, but who's counting.
JoeCB1991: Coach Grimm


hevchv: We are the official Pro Bowl makers.

Anyone that plays us puts up Pro Bowl numbers.

Skii: It's a sad day when your punter's the player of the game for you
JohMa: Any NCAA team will beat us, right now.
Skii: Hey, we're playing one of the best TE's in NFL history!

Let’s leave him wide open, shall we?

Hevchv: What was the biggest mistake we made today?

Answer: Leaving the hotel.

Phil7178: If Bill Davis is on the hot seat, in all fairness Russ Grimm should be too

Our O-line and defense are about tied for ineptitude

BIGRED CARDINAL: wow i think our team loves how the flags look when they fly though the air because they just keep piling them up
Phil7178: You know you're in the NFC West when...

you can look this awful and still be tied for the division

hevchv: If Russ Grimm is the best in the business, I'd hate to see our line with a regular coach.
IrishCardinal: One of the announces said he'd go back to Anderson
JoeCB1991: Cards have 97 total yards

Chargers have 410

JohMa: 0 punts , That statistic says it all
JohMa: Nothing's going right

The football god’s must have something against the Cardinals.

JoeCB1991: Anyone have a bottle of bleach that I can drink?
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: one bright side

our punt return team hasn’t screwed up.

Skii: It's amazing how losing some players will really impact a team

Last year our offense was flying high. We lost two players, and down the drain it goes.

I guess that’s what happens when you lose a HoF QB.


Cardzfan: Whiz (tomorrow) - "I thought our guys made some key mistakes at the wrong times, and you just can't do that and win football games...."
Skii: He should be more like

"Our guys made the mistake of stepping onto the field. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again".


Cryptopunk: New fantasy football strategy...

Start whatever defense is playing the Cards

BIGRED CARDINAL: and the qb and rb and te well just get every player on the opposing team


CanadianCard: 41-10, The game is officially less worse then the Falcons game
az78true: someone took a shit on the qualcomm grass ... wait.. that was the cards attempt at playing? Damn!

Man it takes a hell of a long time to read through almost 1000 comments...