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A Look At Some Of The New Cardinals After Week 4

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Four weeks have gone by in the 2010 season, and following the mass exodus of some big players from the 2009 team there are a few new pieces to this team. Lets take a look at who has been impressive thus far, and who hasn't.

Paris Lenon (Rams):

Stats over the first four games: 38 Tackles, Sack, Interception, 3 Pass Deflections.

I don't think most of the people here expected much from Lenon when he was signed, but the guy has actually played very well during the first four weeks. He is one of the 3 players on the defense who have played well consistently over the first couple of games (Greg Toler, and another person on this list are the other two). He seems like he is around the ballcarrier on most plays, and he has made good tackles. Losing Dansby doesn't seem that bad right now because of how well Lenon has played, but the entire defense is still feeling the sting of not having Gerald Hayes on the roster because of his injury.

Even though he has played well, someone tell Billy Davis to please not have Lenon lined up one on one against Antonio Gates?

Joey Porter (Dolphins):

Stats over the first four games: 14 Tackles, Sack, 2 Forced Fumbles.

Porter hasn't really had a huge impact on the defense so far. I have seen him get some pressure on the Quarterback a few times, and he has a sack, but he hasn't consistently gotten pressure, and he has had some issues in run support. One thing you have to like about him is that he is holding other players accountable though. He was the guy that called the players only meeting between all of the defensive players after the beatdown against Atlanta, and it looks like he has already become one of the vocal leaders of the team. Even if there isn't a ton of production out of the guy (at least he is an improvement over Okeafor), it is important to have the kind of veteran leadership that a guy like Porter provides.

The rest of the bunch, and a look at how some of the guys that have left are doing after the jump.

Kerry Rhodes (Jets):

Stats over the first four games: 24 Tackles, 4 Pass Deflections, Interception, Fumble Return for a Touchdown.

When I mentioned the other guy on the list who was one of the few consistently good players on the defense, I was talking about Rhodes. Besides his ejection from the Falcons game after tapping a Ref, he has been a very solid player, and in my opinion an upgrade over Rolle. Rhodes has been a guy who has looked good in coverage, and when he is being used as a Blitzer. Trading for him after Rolle signed with the Giants was a very good move.

Alan Faneca (Jets):

I couldn't find stats for Offensive Linemen on, but so far Faneca has been what he was advertised to be. He is still a very good run blocker, but I have seen pressure allowed on Anderson several times because Faneca could not block the guy he was supposed to block. While he hasn't been great, he has outplayed Levi Brown and Brandon Keith, it also seems like the interior of the Offensive Line is the only part of the line that has played well so far looking at how often the tackles are being smoked by the other teams pass rushers.

Jay Feely (Jets):

Stats over the first four games: 3 of 4 on Field Goals with a long of 53, 14 Kickoffs with 3 Touchbacks.

Feely has been good so far, we haven't really seen a lot of him because the offense has struggled, but he does have a 53 yard field goal from that debacle on Sunday so we know that he can make the long ones. He has also been good with the community, I have seen him talking with the fans on Twitter a lot (Rhodes also does this), and it seems like he is pretty active with some of the charity's in Arizona.

Derek Anderson (Browns):

Stats over the first four games: 58 of 112 for 644 Yards, 3 Touchdowns, 5 Interceptions, QB Rating of 59.5.

I said last night that it is time to end the little DA Experiment, and almost nobody here is happy with the guy right now. That just about says it all about how well he has played so far doesn't it? While Anderson seems like a good guy, he is just missing too many of the throws that he should make, and he has made a few bad decisions that lead to turnovers. Bring on Max Hall.

Now, lets take a look at some of the guys who left.

Anquan Boldin (Ravens):

Stats over the first four games: 27 Catches, 353 Yards, 3 Touchdowns.

Boldin has been huge in Baltimore so far, Flacco has had some issues over the first couple of games, but Boldin has come up with a lot of big catches. I'm happy to see that he is playing well in Baltimore, even though I did not like how he handled some things here, he is one of my favorite players and I wish him the best. From what I've heard, he is still involved with some charity work in Arizona too.

Antrel Rolle (Giants):

Stats over the first four games: 25 tackles.

Seems like he hasn't done much of anything in New York yet, he hasn't come up with any of the Picks where he got some big returns like he did during the Preseason and when he was here. I don't know if he has blown any coverages yet either, but he did slap someone during the Titans game, he also bashed the Giants organization and his mommy said that he isn't having fun in New York. Rolle is a good player, but he wasn't good enough to become the highest paid Safety of all time (2nd highest after Chiefs rookie Eric Berry signed his contract...). I guess the Giants are learning that now.

Neil Rackers (Texans):

Stats over the first four games: 8 of 10 on Field Goals with a long of 49, 35 yard game winning kick in Overtime against Washington, 23 Kickoffs with 4 Touchbacks.

Looks like he has been good so far, and he actually made a pressure kick against Washington even though the Texans punted instead of letting him kick what would have been a kick over 45 yards earlier in Overtime.

Karlos Dansby (Dolphins)

Stats over the first four games: 29 Tackles, Sack, Pass Deflection.

He has made some big tackles (the stop on Adrian Peterson against the Vikings), but the self proclaimed "Best Linebacker in the NFL" (yes, he really said that, they mentioned it on Monday Night Football yesterday, he said nobody was playing better than him) hasn't been anywhere near that good. I've always felt that he was a good player, but he was never an elite player, and now that he is in Miami he is being treated like one. Don't get me wrong, he has played well, but he seems like one of the most overrated players in the NFL right now.

Cris Collinsworth asked how we could let this guy go, but we didn't. Dansby was offered the same kind of contract by the Cardinals that the Dolphins gave him, he just wanted to take his talents to South Beach (same with Rolle and New York).

This thing that Peter King said last night during the Dolphins/Patriots game was also pretty amusing:


"Karlos Dansby, self-proclaimed best LB in NFL, can't cover the undrafted kid from Chadron State. Belichick triumphs again."

Video of the play

Kurt Warner:

Oh no, he isn't playing anymore. But he is keeping himself busy.

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya - Foxtrot (via Codebear3)

We miss you Greybeard. I wish he could come back and play for another year, but he said he is done and he is a man of his word. He isn't like another guy who is in Minnesota right now.

That, and I would hate to see him getting killed behind this Offensive Line...

Matt Leinart (Texans):

He is now the 3rd stringer in Houston behind Matt Schaub and Dan "Safety First" Orlovsky, but Gary Kubiak said that Leinart could run 65-70% of the offense right now and they are impressed by him.

So, what does RotB think of all the new guys?