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RotB Surivival League: Then There Were Two...

Start Stoney!  Start Stoney!
Start Stoney! Start Stoney!

For all the consternation the Dave Brown vs. Kent Graham vs. Stoney Case QB roller coaster has caused the Cardinals' fanbase this season, it has caused two members of the RotB Survival League to perish as CARDSxFAN32 and manphibian put their Survival hopes on the shoulders of the interception-prone Cardinal QBs.  Wait?  Max HallDerek AndersonJohn Skelton?  Sorry folks, just having a mid-90's Cardinals flashback there.  Fortunately for Cuckoo for Coco Puffs and Cardinalfever, they didn't pick the Cards and are able to play another week, though I suspect Cardinalfever's gambit of picking against the Buffalo Bills is near an end considering their two OT games in a row.

Week 1 - 8 Survivor Cuckoo for Coco Puffs
Week 2 - 8 Survivor Cardinalfever
Start Stoney!  Start Stoney! CARDSxFAN32, manphibian

For those that actually go past the "jump", standard RotB Pick'em will be slow to post Tuesday as I will be traveling to California from New England.  I'll post if I have internet on the plane otherwise it will be late Tuesday.