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Arizona Cardinals Photo Of The Day: LSH Returns

One way or another, we all knew LSH was cut out to be a solid return man in the NFL, but what he's done this year has already been amazing. He currently leads the league in kickoff return yards with 1,060, and is 6th with a 27.9 average. He's tied for first in the league with two return touchdowns and would've had three if it weren't for a holding call that brought back a touchdown against Atlanta.

For a 7th round draft pick, he's exceeded his value and then some. Throw in the fact that he can play defense on special teams, down punts, and run/receive out of the backfield and it's clear that he brings dynamic plays to the Cardinals. Although the season has been a disappointment thus far, LaRod Stepehns-Howling has been a sensation so far this season.