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Gamethread Highlights: Meltdown In Minnesota Edition

Reading through this entire thing just makes me feel sad and angry now. And you guys deciding to leave 1034 comments just makes my eyes hurt.

Lets get this thing over with...

The plan for Favre

Irishcardinal: Hit Favre early and often
az78true: Favre should basically be a scarecrow with a head that turns and arms that move so we should be able hit him.
KholdStare88: But...


If we hit him, he may be sidelined then we’ll lose. We should pressure and wait for a heart attack instead.

The reaction after Kerry Rhodes Pick 6.... oh wait it was a touchback.

az78true: joy butchered by folly
az78true: that epitomises the season right there....
Irishcardinal: Well, at least we have Favre making mistakes
KholdStare88: He should've just protected the football and go down at the 1 yard line...

We know that Rhodes doesn’t have gas for long runs from before.

Anderception nearly strikes again

BIGRED CARDINAL: WTF kind of pass was that
CanadianCard: Not again DA, not again
Jessesb: **** da


KholdStare88: Okay
There is NO ****ING REASON why that pass should’ve been thrown. Is Dick in the Ass ****ing blind? This is like the worst interception from Hall and Anderson combined, and **** it I’m mad.
KholdStare88: Yeah, doesn't matter if it hit the ground of not

That ball should’ve been intercepted and it’s DA’s fault

BIGRED CARDINAL: Wow how the hell did he make it into the nfl..

saying anderson is bad is an extreme understatement

Andrew602: That was a horrible throw

I’m sorry but anderson sucks. Anyone who can’t admit that is sadly mistaken

Why don't we run!

Sir Whirly: Because Wisenhunt hates running for some ****ing reason...

8 men in the box and we gain 6 yards. That means we are doing something right…

What should DA's nickname be?

JoeCB1991: Dick in Ass, or Horse Balls

Which do you prefer?

Sir Whirly: Anderception seems perfect.
az78true: Derelict Ass n Balls
cardsfanforlife24: DA

obviously prefers dick in the ass

We want Leinart!

Redbird Nation #1: Broke up with a good woman to band a skank..... Whisenhunt copy me

Leinart…… I made a mistake. Please take me back. Ill never misjudge you again


Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Hightower

needs a 99 Yard RUN on 1st down!!!

KholdStare88: Give Rhodes the ball

He’ll fumble around midfield

We love LSH

KholdStare88: Why is LSH so good?


CanadianCard: THE LITTLE RESPONDS, I love this guy!!!!
JoeCB1991: Probowler
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: WAY TO GO LSH!!!

Its amazing how good we CAN be. but so often we just suck.

Sir Whirly: LSH I ****ing love this guy
Irishcardinal: "Minnesota's special teams are playing lights out"

Don’t think they saw LSH in the dark

cardsfanforlife24: i love how he knows how to return kickoffs
sprint at top speed pick one hole and hit it and never look back.
too many returners dance around these days
KholdStare88: LSH

Is now basically the best returner in NFL right now. Really, I don’t see anyone coming close.

BIGRED CARDINAL: Cardinal of the year LSH!!!!
Winter: Good for LaRod, bad for everyone else.


Redbird Nation #1: I challenge anyone to tell me Kurt Warner isnt a HOF after watchin this sorry ass offense Peter King, Im talking to you

Hey, at least the Bills are staying competitive in their losses!

Winter: The only thing I can think of is, "At least we're not the Bills."

Anderson in the 2 minute drill

KholdStare88: With Warner

Two minute drills were possible. With Dick in the Ass, it’s a 60% chance of interception.

KholdStare88: I say we run the timer on 3rd and long
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: wow
1st down
I’m schocked


CanadianCard: Best drive of the year
JoeCB1991: Time for the Vikings fans to boo.
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Yeah Baby

Nice run by Roberts.
Looked like Percy Harvin running thru our defence

cardsfanforlife24: Whiz

can’t get all excited just because DA hasn’t fucked us yet

CanadianCard: Should be 21-10, still can't over that fumble by Rhodes
CARDstucknVA: DA comp 71.4%!!
Sir Whirly: ****ing ****,

trumpets are blaring from the sky and I just saw 4 bikers drive by.


JoeCB1991: Did anyone else here the Vikings fan yelling "fire this ****ing idiot at halftime" after the kneel down?

Another fumble return for a TD on the opening kickoff of the 2nd half


Schofield ripped out the ball!

KholdStare88: What the **** just happened?

But his butt was not down, so I expect it will stand.

CanadianCard: 8 returned TD by the Cardinals in 8 games, wow
Winter: Behind by 11 points, lost a timeout. Amazing play to open the half.
JoeCB1991: Any way the Vikings can fire Chilly before the game ends?

A sad stat

JoeCB1991: 8 return TDs

6 Passing TDs

Amazing stat huh?

(few minutes later, a stat that is less sad)

JoeCB1991: Just saw that the 4 fumble return TDs the Cards have tied an NFL record.

Following a Pick in the Endzone by Rashad Johnson after Joey Porter nailed Favre, some optimism.


Were has this team been all F’N YEAR?

Jessesb: My mind is about to explode
I wasn’t expecting this at all
DA playing well, rookies making huge plays not giving up huge plays. A stingy D an O that can move the ball…

Breaston on the reverse pass

Jdub220: Seven games without a competent QB,

and in this game we have two. Jeez.

Birdman from Mesa: Trick plays now

Im lovin it

209Cardsfan: Breston for QB!
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: didn't know Boobs was a high school QB

he should be our starter.

You, were wrong (following a 4th down stop at the 1 yard line)

KholdStare88: YES!

And it’s over. Premature call I admit.

And now the momentum begins to turn....

Kdub220: Ugh,

why pass? Just run again.

CanadianCard: I don't who's fault for that DA for rifling it, or Hightower for not catching it
JoeCB1991: Why do you throw it there?

QB Sneak, at least run some time off the clock

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: used less than 2 minutes

Favre magic time

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: my god

even with the ball on the ground we can’t stop them

(The ball went between Favre's legs on the snap, he picked it up off the ground and threw it for a 1st down)

JoeCB1991: Touchdown

3:34 left in the game…

Winter: The 3 and out didn't help, but the time is really growing short.
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: ****

we always let them back in the game

BIGRED CARDINAL: Damn it i dont like how this is looking
Sir Whirly: Meltdown time?
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: it's so frustrating

knowing that we could be good—but we shoot ourselves in the foot all the time

CanadianCard: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE ****TING ME???!!!
CanadianCard: AND A-DUb ****s up yet again at the most crucial time
JoeCB1991: And Favre has a career high in yardage....
CanadianCard: They have all the damn momentum now

DA is inaccurate again

JoeCB1991: DA was 14 of 20

15 of 26 now

Following a couple of sacks and an incomplete pass, off to Overtime.

Birdman from Mesa: Typical targeting from DA, he's back
CanadianCard: O-line crumbles, 3rd and 16
BIGRED CARDINAL: wow not a single run wow
Jdub220: Aaaaaaaaaand

we get nothing.

BIGRED CARDINAL: WOW haha just wow
CANADIAN CARD: If we lose this game, I think I might stop watching the Cards play for the rest of the season from now on
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Nice D

we suck

Jdub220: Yep,

predictable meltdown.

toolman234: We throw 3 straight passes

and they run

BIGRED CARDINAL: See how they ran the ball we should have done that at least once in the last quarter
toolman234: Only way we win this game

is if Favre hands it to us

CanadianCard: Holding by the Viks, won`t matter, they``ll get a 1st down on the next play
JoeCB1991: You people know how to call em...
CanadianCard: What did I tell you?
BIGRED CARDINAL: Our defense sucks ass
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: can we expect another blocked FG?
JoeCB1991: Horrible playcalling for the 4th Quarter...
209Cardsfan: I miss Todd Haley
Irishcardinal: Well the announcers have got what they clearly wanted

Just waiting for them to cheer the FG

Following the field goal, some post game rants.

toolman234: I want Whisenhunt fired

And I’m NOT trying to be sarcastic

JoeCB1991: Vikings win....

You choking bastards, way to **** it up.

CanadianCard: And we snatch defeat right out of the jaws of victory yet again
Birdman from Mesa: MN fans should send us a thankyou for this gift
CanadianCard: This team really doesn't know how to finish off games
KholdStare88: So once again

We led in the fourth quarter and blew it. That’s even worse than losing by 30+.

BIGRED CARDINAL: ****IN ridiculous

o line horrible defense **** qbs inconsistent we need a whole new team. We are officially back to the good old cardinals

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Sorry Guys
The loss was my fault.
I forgot to eat my Reeces’s Peanut butter cups before the OT kickoff.
Birdman from Mesa: Just wonderful that we could pad Farves stats with career highs
JoeCB1991:HORRIBLE playcalling

Up by 14. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass.

Especially on that goalline screen play. That wound up stopping the clock.

I want to kill someone right now.

az78true:What killed the Cards was the non calls of holding all ****ing 4th qtr.
hadrarius: More like it was the inability to defend the pass.

Or tackle.

AlaskanCard: Fire everyone

How the hell do you blow a 14 point lead with 4 minutes left. Our defense played horrible in the last 2 drives and you can’t run the ball once in overtime? **** Brett Favre

CanadianCard: We rejuvenated Favre and made Childress look like a genius

I’ve almost had it with this years team

AlaskanCard: I hate this team

There can’t be a team in the NFL that gives up more last second wins than the Cardinals

CanadianCard: Minnesota had 6 sacks against us when they had 6 all year
AlaskanCard: 4 in the last 5 plays
BIGRED CARDINAL: My Mind is blown...

I dont know what more the cards could have done to **** this game up and lose.

Redbird Nation #1: Rod Graves needs to step up and take offensive playcalling away from the "WHIZ"
JoeCB1991: Now we are going to hear ESPN and everyone else sucking off Favre for another week...
KholdStare88: Hate to be ruining all your pessimism

But I still see a bright side. DA played well today.If only the D didn’t crash and burn he would’ve had a good win.

CanadianCard: DA showed that he can't play under pressure, he looked lost on the drive in overtime
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: We were ahead 24 -10 with under 4 minutes to play
and we didn’t even have a chance to win.
we we’re all afraid of them getting the ball back.
We all wanted running plays at the goal line to run the clock because we knew they can’t hold a lead.
Redbird Nation #1: JOE CB AND ANDREW 602
you guys are pathetic. go ahed and defend whisenhunt and make excuses. Im born and raised in phoenix but my parents are from new york and i go out there a couple times a year and this coach and qb would be meat ot there. man up and critisize when its necessary . Offensive Coordinator gotta go. wait ? whos that again? ****in *******
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: oops my bad
I thought it was my fault we lost because I forgot to eat my Reece’s Peanutbutter Cups before the OT kickoff.
Turns out it was really Joe’s and Andrew’s fault.
Boy—i really feel better now.
az78true: Somehow we pulled a 49er move and lost the game.
AlaskanCard: On the bright side, we just have to suck marginally less than every other team in our division to make the playoffs and get destroyed by an actual NFL team
Redbird Nation #1: Were all Cardinal fans but we don't all have to put up with BS!
Cardinals lost the game today becuase they did not finish!!! Whisenhunts fault?? Definitely part of it!!!! Anyone who wants to worship him and say how great he is can….but those of us that see he sucks can also have our opinion! F Dallas is not all wrong. He is a Cardinal fan who wants to see the potential of his team on the field!!! This crap is getting old! Cardinals need a quarterback or they will never be a good team again!

I can't take much more of this. These games and spending over an hour and a half being a masochist and re-reading all of our misery.