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Revenge Of The Birds Midseason Awards: Best Rookie

We're currently halfway through the 2010 season, which is usually the time when we dish out some midseason awards. I'm not going to cram a dozen posts within a three-day span, so this series will run through next week. I also won't go into much detail on the nominations post, since the only thing that matters is the poll results and the winner. Without further adeu, here are your nominations for Best Rookie:

Daryl Washington - Going into the draft, the Arizona Cardinals were well aware that an inside linebacker was in dire need, especially after the departure of Karlos Dansby weeks before. After selecting a defensive tackle with the first pick, the fans knew a linebacker would soon follow. What they didn't know was that Daryl Washington would be available in the second round. Washington became the steal of the draft for the Cardinals and the start to his rookie season would explain why.

Dan Williams - Although Williams hasn't exploded into the NFL like fans had hoped, it's comforting knowing that the defense is deep enough to ease him into the league. Williams has already contributed to the defense with solid play. He's also shown at times his potential as a plug in the middle of the Cardinals 3-4 defense.

Andre Roberts - Roberts may have saved his rookie season last week after scoring a 30-yard touchdown against the Vikings. Aside from offense, Roberts won and maintained the punt return duties this season. He's struggled at times, however the coaching staff hasn't given up on Roberts, showing his will and determination.

The winners will be announced within the coming week.