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The Good And The (Mostly) Terribad From The Cardinals 36-18 Bedwetting Against Seattle

Swagtangibles are meaningless if you can't do anything with them.
Swagtangibles are meaningless if you can't do anything with them.

So... in a game that most of us thought the Cardinals could get a win with the home crowd behind them, and going against a struggling Seahawks team that was outscored something like 76-10 in their last two games, they decide to lay a massive egg. So, lets just get this over with.


The first drive. LaRod Stephens-Howling returns the opening kickoff to the 50 yard line, Derek Anderson gets a 33 yard pass off to Larry Fitzgerald that gets them deep in Seattle territory, and then they get a touchdown run by Tim Hightower. Looks good right? Right???

Derek Anderson threw for 322 yards, although he was only 23 of 45 passing the ball. He also threw a Touchdown to Early Doucet late in the game, he also completed a couple of nice deep passes to Steve Breaston. He did have a pick, but it was on a tipped pass. DA did look good when he actually had time to throw.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie picked off Charlie Whitehurst in the 3rd quarter following a hand injury to Hasselbeck before halftime.

Calais Campbell and Adrian Wilson both had a sack.

Ben Graham had 3 punts downed inside the 20 yard line.

Leon Washington was only able to return one kick for 22 yards.

Seattle was 2 of 8 in the Red Zone (Touchdowns)

Olindo Mare missed a field goal.


Lets get right to the point. The Defense looked like 11 blind drunk people stumbling around on the field. Greg Toler was benched for Michael Adams early in the game after being burned several times, and the nobody in the secondary was able to cover as Matt Hasselbeck had several deep pass completions, one of them was a 63 yarder where three defenders bounced off the receiver as he ran it in for a Touchdown. On some plays, multiple players missed tackles, and the Defense as a whole looked worse than it did last week near the end of the game against Minnesota (by the way, this week Brett Favre was 18 of 31 for 170 yards, a Touchdown where coverage was blown leading to the 53 yard pass, and he was picked off three times. Compare that to the career high that he put up against us!) . Hasselbeck finished the game 22 of 34 with 333 yards and a Touchdown, it was also their first 300 yard passing game of the entire season. If Billy Davis isn't on the hot seat right yet, he has to be soon since his Defense has collapsed over the last three weeks.

The Cardinals gained 0 yards in the 3rd quarter. I repeat, ZERO YARDS.

The offense was 2 of 11 on 3rd down.

Derek Anderson was sacked 5 times, and he was hit on 5 other plays. He also failed to throw the ball away on several plays where he could have avoided a sack by doing so. One of those sacks took the Cardinals out of field goal range on a drive where they started at the 33 yard line of Seattle.

Seattle only had to punt the ball once.

Jay Feely botched an onside kick attempt in the 4th quarter when the ball hit his knee before it went 10 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Justin Forsett or Marshawn Lynch? Can't tackle either of them. Seattle ran for 110 yards, and their backs broke tackles on several plays.

Olindo Mare outscored the Cardinals in the two meetings of these teams 38-28.

LaRod Stephens-Howling suffered a hamstring injury.

Several passes were dropped by the receivers, although a couple of them were from Derek Anderson rifling the ball at 90 miles per hour. Gerald Hayes also dropped what could have been a Pick.

The Offensive Line looked like garbage, again.

The Cardinals only ran for 41 yards.

As a whole, the coaching staff was outcoached, and the players are outplayed. After being 3-2 following a win against the New Orleans Saints, they have now lost 4 games in a row for the first time since 2006, and are now tied with the 49ers for last place in the NFC West at 3-6 following their overtime win against the Rams.