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The Aftermath Of Another Loss

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I'm left speechless after the 3-6 start and the four-game losing streak to the 2010 season. Shouldn't we have expected this? I know some of you did but myself and others actually anticipated for this season to begin. The new start with Matt Leinart at quarterback, the potential lethal running game, the revamped offensive line, and an exciting dangerous defense all built up this season. With how winnable the NFC West was and is this year, it seemed like we as Cardinals fans had something to look forward to. Instead, I'm left with an empty, non-enthusiastic feeling inside. 

The Cardinals have quietly become one of the worst teams in the league and all we have to look forward to is a decent draft pick. 31st, 30th, 29th, and 22nd -- those are the stats of the Cardinals' total, passing, rushing, and points per game. 31st, 27th, 28th, and 32nd -- those are the Cardinals defensive averages. With the amount of talent they have on both sides of the ball, it's sickening to imagine what has went so terribly wrong. 

A win on Sunday would've put the Cardinals in a tie for first place within the division. It would've given the team and the fans a confidence boost as well. After four long and agonizing games, the Cardinals are now tied for last place with the San Francisco 49ers -- who would've thunk? 

Winning the division still isn't out of grabs for the Cardinals. The Seahawks are not a playoff team and as we all know, the Cardinals tend to make teams look better then how they really are(see to the Minnesota Vikings). However as I've said before, would a playoff appearance be something you would still want to see? The national exposure of a Cardinal-massacre would leave me in hiding for months. 

Seven games left in the year and I'm still hoping Ken Whisenhunt can somehow turn this team around. Yet somehow I feel like that is easier said than done. In the years prior to the Cardinals Super Bowl run, when they posted numerous losing seasons, at least we saw potential. As fans, we could see a team that was ready to turn the corner. This year, I see nothing of that sort. 

Be that is it may, some players have inspired hope in myself. LaRod Stephens-Howling could be the best player on the team so far this season. Others like Steve Breaston, Paris Lenon, Kerry Rhodes, and Greg Toler have also been bright in a relatively dark place. The bitter taste of yesterday's loss is still relevant, so take my rant for what you will. As a long time fan though, I know that I need a short memory and must move on to next week. Bring on the Chiefs.