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Gamethread Highlights: Anger Edition

After the stinker against Seattle last Sunday, I am changing up the way I do this. Because that 1049 comments takes a long time to read through, and because rage is fun to read, I am only going to post comments that are abject outbursts of blinding searing rage directed at this game. That, and anything that made me laugh.

One comment regarding a 90 year old man was probably my favorite of the entire year so far.

Truly, reading through these comments is something only a sadomasochist would enjoy.

This picture came up a few times.

CanadianCard: DA's got the Swagtangibles



I bet you got even madder later in the game

KholdStare88: You know what

For some reason I’m already angry and we’re not even down.

Billick is an idiot

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Billick really is an Ass

besides not knowing the rules.
He can’t even tell Rhodes apart from A-Dub.

BIGRED CARDINAL: or the teams

(He got the intentional grounding rules wrong earlier in the game, and he said "good pressure by Seattle" on a play where Hasslebeck was sacked)

The Rage begins following a 63 yard TD

Winter: There is no way Hasselbeck is this good.
AlaskanCard: Our Defense sucks ass and balls at the same time!!!!!!!
Sir Whirly: I'm sorry, I didn't know Eric Green was playing for us again...
az78true: Wow just when I think I might stay sane the D fails! I can't take this ****. It's absurd...... arrrghhhhh
BIGRED CARDINAL: Whats going on..

the ppl who were supposed to be solid for us on defense have been man handled and abused its getting ridiculous

Sir Whirly: Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail

Seriously. This is some ****ing bull****.



An accurate depiction

Sir Whirly: Ernie - Cardinals, Burt - The fans




AlaskanCard: I love how we give career days to EVERYONE


BIGRED CARDINAL: At this point ...

i think a high school offense could go crazy on our defense

Who has a gun?

JoeCB1991: Get the firing squad and shoot everyone
Winter: Just Bill Davis. There's a lot of improvement on the offense so far.

Draft wishes

JohMa: I hope draft, Mallet and 11 D players.

Anyone have an answer?

az78true: Seattle sucks so what the hell does that say about the Cardinals?

Channel surfing time...

KholdStare88: News Flash

There’s always Figure Skating on NBC.

cardsfannc: That’s kind of like watching our secondary

More sadness

toolman234: We're playing a team...

That was outgained by over 700 yards and outscored by 64 in their last 2 games and they are dominating us AT HOME! Incredible!

We mad

Irishcardinal: Half time thoughts

This Hawks team is absolutely terrible and we’re making them look like playof contenders on O. I’d just like a defense that didnt need some emotional crisis or chip on the shoulder to do their ****ing job.

Damn him

roblooski: Mike Williams

has gone from being a fat, unemployed loser to being a Cardinals Killer.

Too much exercise

Winter: He should make them run 2 miles for every time they are burned or miss a tackle.

JoeCB1991: They would die from that

GraydonS: The weak will die, the strong will live on.

Anyone like this nickname for Whitehurst (after he came into the game following an injury to Hasslebeck)?

JoeCB1991: Jesus Hair is in

Nobody knows how to tackle

KholdStare88: Tackling?

I thought it was figure skating.

AlaskanCard: I like Rhodes attempt to tackle the guy with his back

  Legitimate question?

JoeCB1991: If Whiz wanted Whitehurst

What does that say about his taste in QBs?

roblooski: well he did choose Dick in the Ass

so I guess that’s par for the course. doesn't even have their good highlight videos (the ones with the radio announcers) anymore, so you can't even do that now...

CanadianCard: Anybody else thinking of watching highlights instead of live next time?

This team is giving me a huge headache

BIGRED CARDINAL: If you do that

you will only see plays from the opposing team cuz nothing good will be done by the cards

Blame game

tw3kr: Matt Leinart was a scapegoat for an entirely incompetent offense
JoeCB1991: The only time this D was good was in Training Camp...
tw3kr: When they were only matched up against our offense
tw3kr: DA can make anyone look good

Except for the players he throws to.

More hating of the idiot announcer

AlaskanCard: Billick is an idiot, "there was no football move made". What do you call tucking the ball and turning to run

Torture isn't fun, unless you are watching Jack Bauer do it.

Jessesb: The MLB Giants

had the logo "torture never felt so good" to define their season.
Aptly describes ours too. Just not going to be with a happy ending.

More Billick hating

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Billick is an IDIOT
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: why don't we hire him as OC?
AlaskanCard: no no, we should hire him as DC
JoeCB1991: He wouldn't be able to learn everyones name

Ass sucking


how our players can be classified as professional fb players cuz they suck ass

Damn bandwagoners

Skii: What makes it worse is this is in front of a sell out crowd

Phoenix is a big bandwagon city. You just can’t lose, or everything you’ve won will be forgotten.

Welcome back DA

Sir Whirly: Ah, wondering when Anderception was going to show up.
JohMa: Welcome back DA to the best friend INT
Winter: Anderson was doing well in the first half, but I guess he just can't be consistent about it.

I'd say my description is accurate right now...

Skii: Where's that high-scoring D we used to have?
JoeCB1991: They are giving up high scores

Have you seen that before?

AlaskanCard: This is like watching my grandma get beat by Hulk Hogan with a monkee wrench

They did want JaMarcus... so who knows?

Skii: Hey, DA?

Yeah, it’s me, a Cards fan. D’you know that the UFL is hiring? Hope the competition’s not too much.

So... what do we do next year?

AlaskanCard: Alright, I'm turning this into a draft thread, who do we want?
Skii: Ryan Mallett

After that, a whole new team.

BIGRED CARDINAL: I would seriosuly

think we would come out with more pride if the team just forfeited its games from now on cuz damn they are bad

Winter: I wanna sign Vick in the offseason and draft pass rushers.

Sorry guys

Skii: How come everytime the military is watching

We have to play terribly?

American Armed Forces, thank you for your time overseas, and sorry you have to watch this joke of a game.

They won

AlaskanCard: what's really really sad is when we lose this game, the 49ers will be tied with us if they win

Can't be much worse

Skii: Pull DA

In fact, pull the team, and send in the cheerleaders.

AlaskanCard: at least that would be fun to watch


toolman234: You know why I'm glad we chose DA as our QB?

Because he is such a leader. Look at the way he has rallied the troops. Look at that body language. Wow! SWAGTANGIBLES!

Skii: I know, right?

Plus, he never throws out of bounds, and his pocket awareness is dazzling! He also has such speed and mobility, and his accuracy is out of this world! I also love how he throws the ball at the perfect speed, and he really knows how to rally this team!

tw3kr: What I like is that he moves the offense

Remember when we had that sucker who couldn’t convert a third down?




Comment of the year

AlaskanCard: This is like watching a 90 year old man getting porked in the ass over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: that's an interesting comparison.

where were you watching that?

tw3kr: lol

College was such an eye-opening experience for him.

If I did not see the stat saying "0 yards in the 3rd Quarter", I would not believe it.

Skii: When will Coach Whiz finally realize

That DA isn’t a Kurt Warner? When will he finally pull him? I’m pretty sure 0 yards in a quarter is enough to show that you’re terrible.

I think the Seahawks fans are the only ones left in the place at this point.

Skii: Soon, the crowd's going to start cheering for the Seahawks


Skii: Can I challenge Derek Anderson's existence as an NFL QB?


AlaskanCard: We're worse than we were back in the dark ages, this is ridiculous

Maybe he knew what was going to happen this year, and he wanted to get out before this debacle of a season began

Skii: I've said this every loss we've had, and I'll say it again

Somewhere in Texas, Matt Leinart is laughing his head off.

JoeCB1991: Here is a picture of it




Skii: Donovan McNabb

Marc Bulger. Heck, even Jamarcus Russell. But we had to go for DA and two rookies. That’s cool.

tw3kr: I was just thinking about ol' JaMarcus

And how much of an upgrade he would be right now…

AlaskanCard: can't believe I'm about to type this...


BIGRED CARDINAL: who cares if we would have a decent qb

if our defense would allow 100000 points

As a member of Team CoCo, I disagree.

Skii: Monday Night Football against the 49ers

For the rest of the nation, it’s going to be like a Jay Leno all night marathon. Hiliarious.


AlaskanCard: I love how our defense is celebrating. That's like me celebrating that 90 year old man up there


Skii: John Skelton has been the best player so far

Only because he hasn’t played a down.

It should end as fast as possible

AlaskanCard: there's 12 minutes of this crap left? really?
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: don't worry

with the incompletions..It should only last another 45 minutes

Is he an improvement?

JoeCB1991: The Dolphins are talking with JaMarcus


AlaskanCard: I think it's more sad that I'm jealous

I feel bad for the guy

Skii: Larry, I'm sorry

You have to be a part of this excuse for a team.

Don't forget the Fumble, and the Overthrow

Skii: Sack and interception

DA’s best friends.

Screw that, I want Andrew Luck now

Skii: The problem is

If DA starts to look watchable, the coaching staff will think he’s going to be great for the rest of the season, and keep him as the starter.

Haven't seen one in a while

Winter: Oh wait, it's a passing touchdown. Now the coaching staff has one on tape so they know what it looks like.
tw3kr:Maybe they'll be able to do another one in a couple weeks

Can she hit me?

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: My Wife doesn't feel like hitting me with a frying pan.

looks like I’m going to remember this nightmare.

Anyone want to test it and find out?

Skii: Which works better, bleach or Mr. Clean?

tw3kr: A rope

JoeCB1991: Which one ignites faster if you throw a match on it?

Screw everyone

Skii: Screw Lynch

Screw Carroll.

Screw the Seahawks.

Screw Seattle.

But most importantly, screw the Cardinals.

There was still a shot at this team making the playoffs?

Winter: So apparently no one on the Arizona defense has any interest in helping their team make the playoffs this year.
AlaskanCard: Oh they do, but only when the offense doesn't, and vise versa

Any other animal genitals you care to name?


Nice arm DA

tw3kr: Two almost interceptions, one thrown at the roof

Thats more like it.

Sing along time

AlaskanCard: Let me sing a song for everyone

(sung to London Bridge)
Weee took it up the butt!
Up the butt!
Up the butt!
Weee took it up the butt!
From the Seahawks!


tw3kr: It took me a little while but I found a bright spot:

The new CBA should include limits on rookie salaries so our top five pick won’t cost that much.

AlaskanCard: ooo, that is good...but that means we have to hold onto all of the crappy players we already have

Except for turnovers

tw3kr: Garbage time, DA's only friend

3rd time this picture was posted

JoeCB1991: Swagtangibles



He deserves to be happy

AlaskanCard: I feel soooooooooo bad for Larry. I almost want him traded so he doesn't have to deal with this crap

Bet there is one already

JohMa: we need to create a group in FB , the name is "Cut DA, Cut Bill Davis" :D

More music

AlaskanCard: A reprise of my song!!!!!!!!


The worst part

MarcusJC: lol we are last in the Division

I can't take much more of this. These games, and reading through 1000 angry comments.