Poll: Who's the starter for Week 11?

Moving on from that train wreck of a game, who do you think should be our starting QB will be for Week 11? Will we continue with Derek Anderson, or try Max Hall out again. Or maybe we'll shock the world and start John Skelton. Picking up a Troy Smith like-QB can't be far out of the question either, right?

Derek Anderson TD-6 INT-8 Yards-1,481 Rating-68.1

While DA has the ability to make plays that has everyone jump out of their seats with joy, he also has the ability to, on the very next play, cause everyone to want to run into a wall. Named the starter after Matt Leinart was cut, DA's accuracy and overall QB play has frustrated many Cardinals fans. Throughout the season, he has missed many wide-open WR's, and has made terribly decisions. But, in his defense, due to an O-line that sometimes doesn't seem like an O-line, he has been sacked 21 times so far this season, more than he has ever been sacked before. Many fans believe that he gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

Max Hall TD-1 INT-5 Yards-360 Rating-41.0

Mad Max, Maximus, Hall of a player, the local kid, whatever you call him, Max Hall is having an up and down year. Taking over the starting job from DA in Week 5, Max performed good enough to win the Rookie of the Week award, and to get the win in his first career start. What made the victory even better was that he got it against the defending champion New Orleans Saints. But after that, his joy went downhill. Max started three straight games before getting pulled for DA. His stats aren't anything to smile about, but he did give the Cardinals and their fans reason to believe.

John Skelton TD-0 INT-0 Yards-0 Rating-0

Drafted in the 5th Round of the Draft, John Skelton was thought to be one of the best QB's from a small school in the Draft. Although he hasn't played a second in the NFL, some fans are calling for him to start. There's already a Facebook group called, "Start John Skelton". Defenders of this argument claim that John Skelton did great in his first Pre-season game, and that playing him would give the Cardinals the chance to evaluate their needs in the Off-season. Critics of this argument basically say that starting John Skelton would be a terribly idea, because he's greener than Max Hall and would sink this team even farther. Although he's a rookie, John Skelton could possibly be a reliable QB in the future, possibly as a backup, or a starter.

FA/Practice Squad QB Who Knows?

If you pick this option, specifying a name of someone you think the Cardinals should pick up in the comments below.

So there you have it. Vote in the poll, and we'll see who Cardinals fans think should be the starter for Week 11.

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