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Revenge Of The Birds Midseason Awards: Defensive MVP

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The next midseason award up for consideration will be the defensive MVP. Although this year's defense has been a big fat disappointment up until now, there are several players that have done their part and made the plays they needed to. Poor play aside, base your vote off of the player's individual stats.

Kerry Rhodes - Rhodes joined the Cardinals this offseason to replace Antrel Rolle and has exceeded the expectations by far. He's been dependable in coverage. He's also been johnny on the spot -- returning multiple fumbles for touchdowns and returning long interception returns also.

Paris Lenon - Wildly considered a bad signing this offseason, Lenon has become one of the biggest surprises with his impressive play. He's a veteran linebacker that has remained healthy all year. He's managed to nab two picks and add a sack as well.

Greg Toler - Many fans expected Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to be the best corner on the defense this season. That label could easily be given to Toler. He's been a lock in coverage and a tackling machine so far this season. There's little reason to believe that he won't finish the season with Pro Bowl-like numbers.

Joey Porter - Luckily for Porter, this award covers the entire first half of the season and not the first few games. Porter's been on a tear as of late, piling up 5 sacks and bringing pressure to the defense as well. If Porter can continue his play, it will justify his signing this offseason.

Cast your vote below, and if you feel anyone should be added, just list a comment with who and why.