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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: What Quarterback Should The Cardinals Go After During The Offseason/Draft?

Since there isn't really much to be happy about with the way this season has gone, lets talk Quarterbacks. Right now I would assume that the Front Office and the Coaching Staff wants to find some kind of improvement over the combo of Derek Anderson and Max Hall, along with John Skelton who is a project that still needs a year or two until he is ready to play. So, who are some potential Quarterbacks that could be in Arizona next year?

Even though Donovan McNabb signed his new big-ass $70 million five year contract extension, it seems like he is only due $3.75 million if he is released at the end of the season. McNabb isn't having a great year in Washington, but he doesn't necessarily have great personnel around him. The Offensive Line has struggled, and he doesn't have many high level Wide Receivers. In Arizona, he won't have a great Offensive Line either, but he will have more weapons than he has in Washington, and he lives in Arizona so he might want to play here. It could be a good fit.

Then we look at the guys with McNabb's old team in Philadelphia., Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. I don't think there is a high chance that the Cardinals could get Vick with how he is playing better than almost any Quarterback in the NFL right now, but if he isn't resigned in Philly the Cardinals should make a play for him. Vick's high level of play could also put Kolb on the trade block. I was never a huge Kolb fan, and I thought that he did most of his damage against teams with bad pass defenses, but he could be a good fit in Arizona.

Out of all the guys who will be Free Agents after this season, the guy I'm the most interested in is Tyler Thigpen with Miami. In 2008 he was the 3rd stringer with Kansas City, but following injuries to the two guys above him he started 11 games and threw for 2,600 yards with 18 Touchdowns and 12 Interceptions, he also ran for almost 400 yards and Three Touchdowns. He will probably get the start on Thursday with the season ending injury to Chad Pennington and a knee injury to Chad Henne and there will be a chance for him to show what he can do to the rest of the NFL and see if he can impress any teams. I think he would be a good Quarterback to pick up since he played well in 2008, and he probably would not cost much to pick up.

Along with these guys, we can look at the four main guys who could be in the Draft next year. Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Christian Ponder, and Ryan Mallet.

Locker and Ponder are the two guys who are the most likely to be in the Draft this season because they are the only Senior Quarterbacks, but right now they are both banged up. Ponder and Locker both missed their last game with an injury. Then you have Luck and Mallet, and they are both playing well right now. I don't really get to watch much of these guys, I have seen them all play once or twice this year but thats it. Out of all of them, I do like Luck and Locker the most though.

So, if there is anyone you like who will probably be in the Draft this year, or any Quarterback that can be picked up via Free Agency or a Trade, discuss it in the comments.