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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: Who Do The Cardinals Miss The Most (Besides Warner)?

Just another quick question for everyone. What player that left the team during this offseason (besides Kurt Warner) has been missed the most by the Cardinals this year.

Heres a little list of all the guys I can think of. Again, I'll list ALL of the guys who left just to give some more options, for the rare times when the big three guys who left weren't one of your choices.

Anquan Boldin: Leadership and toughness that can't be replaced, still playing at a high level. Having him could help the offense a lot.

Karlos Dansby: I always thought that he was overrated, and that he was never the elite player that he thinks he is, but he is still a good Linebacker and he could help stabilize the defense. His replacements (Paris Lenon and Daryl Washington) have played well this year in my opinion.

Antrel Rolle: Same as Dansby, he was overrated but when the ball found its way into his hands he could make plays. He was out of position in coverage at times, but he was still a good player. Kerry Rhodes has been an improvement in my opinion.

Neil Rackers (sorry I forgot him): Good kicker, seemed to choke a bit on game winning kicks, but he was usually reliable. Great with onside/pooch kicks too. Jay Feely has done a good job since he came in though.

Bryant McFadden: Even though he struggled a lot last year, he provides leadership and experience. He could help teach Greg Toler and some of the young guys.

Chike Okeafor/Bertrand Berry: Basically the same thing with both of them, depth and Linebacker and Leadership/Experience. Their replacement (Joey Porter) has already matched the Sack numbers that these two put up last year.

Mike Gandy: Can't be much worse than Levi Brown has been this year.

Reggie Wells: Depth at the O-Line, might be better than Alan Faneca at this point.

Ralph Brown: Same as McFadden.

Anthony Becht: Good run blocker.

Matt Leinart/Brian St. Pierre: How much worse could they be than what we have now?

So, discuss in the comments section who the biggest loss has been? For me, it is Anquan Boldin.