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The Good And The Bad From The Cardinals 31-13 Loss To Kansas City

This throw was 10 yards over its target.
This throw was 10 yards over its target.

The Cardinals have now lost five games in a row, and following 3 losses where they were at least competitive for most of the game (although in the first Seahawks game, it was just the Defense that kept us in the game), these last two games have been ugly, ugly blowouts. Here is a list of the Good and the Bad, leave your thoughts in the comments section.


The first drive looked good until the offense stalled in the Red Zone.

Derek Anderson did not throw an Interception.

Jay Feely made both of his Field Goals.

Larry Fitzgerald caught a Touchdown.

Steve Breaston led the team in receiving with 5 catches for 92 yards (Fitz had 6 for 90).

Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower combined for 101 yards on 20 carries, a 5.1 Yards Per Carry average. Beanie finally looked like he is healed up from his knee injury as well.

Two of Ben Graham's Punts landed inside the 20, and a couple were almost downed inside the 20.

No Turnovers.


Almost every throw Derek Anderson made was high. One of those passes wound up knocking Early Doucet out of the game with a blow to the head.

Will Davis, Calais Campbell, and Michael Adams both had to leave the game with injuries.

Too many mental mistakes, missed tackles on long runs by Kansas City, or blown coverages, especially on the several plays where Dwayne Bowe was wide open. He caught Six balls for 109 yards and two Touchdowns. As a whole, too many big plays were given up again.

No Takeaways, it looked like Gerald Hayes forced a fumble and recovered it, but the idiot Refs took it away.

11 Penalties for 96 yards. Including a late hit out of bounds by Gerald Hayes (KC scored a Touchdown on the next play), and what looked like it was going to be a late hit on someone who nailed Derek Anderson but turned out to be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for him throwing the ball away after that late hit. That play was also on 4th and 2 when the Cardinals were going to try to convert, that flag pushed them back to 4th and 17. The momentum started to turn after one play where Lyle Sendlein was flagged for punching someone in the face.

Matt Cassel had no pressure on him the entire day. He wasn't sacked once.

Anderson was sacked twice, he was pressured or hit on several plays. The Offensive Line played poorly again in pass protection at times. It is obvious the Cardinals should run the ball more.

At times, questionable playcalling. Most notable in 3rd and short situations, the Cardinals ran the ball well today. Yet during most of their 3rd and short plays, they decided to spread it out in the Shotgun. If you can run the ball, why not try to go into base formations where you can run or pass effectively? Whisenhunt has made some questionable decisions with his playcalling this year, and for me this is one of the big ones.

The only touchdown for the Cardinals was on the final play of the game. They had two drives that got into the Red Zone before that, but they stalled and Jay Feely had to kick field goals instead. Anderson also missed on several deep throws that could have resulted in Touchdowns.

The Cardinals have now lost 5 in a row, their record is 3-7 after a 3-2 start. The 49ers could possible have a better record than us going into next weeks Monday Night Game at University of Phoenix Stadium even though they started off the year 0-5 (they are currently 3-6). Right now, most of us are just praying that Andrew Luck drops to us in the Draft, and if the losses continue, he could drop to us.

Comment away everyone...