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Captain Of The Tailgate: The Drinks

Before the holiday, I wanted to sneak in another one of our tailgating posts. So far I've covered the basicsthe games, and the food that you can use while tailgating for an NFL football game. None of this would be complete however, without drinks. Below are just some that make for an interesting time:

Beer: The great thing about beer, is that it's universally accepted by most football fans, and it can be relatively inexpensive. It comes in an assortment of bottles and cans. The brands are endless. It all depends on which type you are interested in. My choice would be Michelob Ultra for its smooth taste, Corona with lime and salt, or Bud Light since you can get it anywhere. Yours however, is up to you. Don't forget that the effects of beer makes games more enjoyable and food more delicious -- at least to me it does. Beer can also be used in most games like beer pong, or your own made up drinking game. Last but not least, it comforts you after a disappointing loss. 

Liquor: I don't see it often while tailgating, but some people would prefer downing a quick shot rather than chugging a few bottles of Budweiser on Sunday. Don't forget that you can mix liquor into some of the best mixed drinks around. Which Liquor? I don't know, maybe Captain Morgan? As for which drinks, I may need some help with that. I don't mix very often, but when I do I prefer Redbull and vodka, cranberry juice and vodka, or some sort of fruit juice and alcohol concoction. 

Water and soda: If you're like me, then you don't like mixing food and alcohol at the same time. In that case, taking soda and water to a game would be very important. You also need to account for minors and those who just don't like the takes of alcohol. Anther important reason to take water to a game is the heat. Drinking and doing nothing but drinking under the Arizona-sun can have deadly effects. Drink more water. As for soda, I prefer diet -- gasp -- but an ice cold Pepsi goes down good on gameday.

What is your choice of beer and why? I'm serious with this. How often do we get to just discuss drinks?