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Revenge Of The Birds Midseason Awards: The Winners

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I realize some of you hate this post because of the suffering play by the Cardinals so far this season, but at this point consider it moment halfway through the year to reflect. Out of respect, I'll make this a quick post and list the winners beginning with the offensive MVP:

Offensive MVP - Larry Fitzgerald: Little can be said to take away the respect that Larry Fitzgerald has earned on the field. His play, personality, and heart make him an ideal candidate to be a lifetime Cardinal. With that being said, Larry has clearly been the best offensive player at this point in the season. Right now Fitzgerald is on pace for an 88-reception, 1105-yard, 8-touchdown year. Considering how bad the offense and quarterback-play has been this year, it says a lot about his commitment to the team, and power to push through the madness.

Defensive MVP - Kerry Rhodes: It didn't take fans long to lash into me for a poll for defensive MVP, especially after the frustrating loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Don't get me wrong, the defense has been a huge letdown this season, but individually, Kerry Rhodes has stepped up and been a big surprise on defense. He made Antrel Rolle an afterthought. He's also partnered well with Adrian Wilson and other defenders. After the scouting report came out this offseason that Rhodes wasn't a big play safety, he quickly tore that notion, returning two fumbles to the house in the first five games.

Biggest Surprise Player - LaRod Stephens-Howling: Although Paris Lenon was a close second in the comment section, LSH takes this award and I think justifiably so. He's vastly improved in just one season alone and has made his mark as arguably the best return man in 2010. Two kickoffs were returned to the house and an extra was called back by a penalty. His contributions on special teams and offense spark thoughts of potential team MVP-talk, but that will be left for another day. 

Best Rookie - Daryl Washington: There was little confusion about who the best rookie of the season has been so far when Daryl Washington ran away with the poll. Washington won the starting job at middle linebacker in camp. He played very well through the beginning of the season. He shored up a hole on defense that had been an issue entering camp as well. Washington's dynamic play leaves fans anticipating his future-play with the Cardinals.

What awards would you give out halfway through the season? I'm not talking about the ones listed above either.