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Revenge Of The Birds Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

The Fox  Galloping Gobbler award.
The Fox Galloping Gobbler award.

Another turkey day is here and what would it be without the food right? I wanted to get this up as early as possible so as much of us could chime in as possible. Before you head out or maybe if you're staying home for the holiday, wish your brethren of ROTBers a happy Thanksgiving. Before I get on to what I will be doing, here's a list of today's games with my picks:

New England Patriots at Detroit Lions: This is my favorite game of the day considering that I always watch the Lions play on this day. I also think Detroit has heavily improved since the last couple of seasons. Their record may not show it but they've been competitive this season and are beginning to develop some future Pro Bowlers as well. Seeing how I despise the Patriots, I will be rooting for the Lions today -- that and my dad is from Michigan and is a Lions' fan. I'm taking the Lions to win 28-24.

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys: The other Thanksgiving tradition is for the Cowboys to play today. Yes they aren't my favorite team in the world but I don't think I've gotten over our loss to the Saints in last year's playoffs. Dallas has also found a way to re-discover all the talent they have on both sides of the ball. The main reason is new head coach Jason Garrett. I'm taking the Cowboys to win 35-27.

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets: The relatively new late game on Thanksgiving still hasn't sat well with me. Maybe it was the crushing loss the Cardinals received by the Eagles a couple years ago. Either way, I probably will miss this one since I don't have NFL Network. Luckily for those that will, Terrell Owens has managed to make the game interesting by calling Darrelle Revis an average cornerback. I'm taking the Jets to win 21-7.

As for my day, I'll be headed to the mother-in-law's home to eat and watch the games. Later in the day I'll be visiting my family. Right now I'm thankful to be finally getting back to work. What are you thankful for and what are your plans for today? If you really want to make it interesting, list your picks with scores for today. Maybe you'll win the gobbler.