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Chevy's Corner: What is the REAL problem with our receivers?

Everyone knows Derek Anderson has a rifle for an arm. His passes have more zip and zing than touch and accruacy. So why is it that even his leading passes get short armed by the receivers? Well here is my best assessment of why.
The receivers are afraid to extend for a pass. Its that simple. Since preseason DA has managed to get at least 4 of our top receivers (Fitz, Early, Breaston and Williams) hurt from either high or errant passes. Even when the receiver is in space DA some how leads the receiver straight towards a defender instead of using that rifle to put it right on the numbers. Every extension is a gamble that these receivers lose more than they win. Picture back last year when everyone (especially me ) was giving Jereme Urban a hard time because of his gator arms. He would never extend for fear (in my opinion) of getting hurt. Whether he had just cause is debatable, but this year's group has overwhelming proof. How many times in the last two games have Early and Breaston been hit jumping extremely high and dump on the heads or backs? There is no confidence in DA's ball placement. As much as I sit there and scream at the tv for Fitz to make that catch, I can't help but think that in the back of his mind he assuradly avoided that season (or career) ending blow. Our dropped passes are just too high.

How much more can the receivers take before the coaches realize this experiment is not worth our players' safety. At only two games out of 1st place, the season is far from over, but is DA really  worth it? Max Hall has turned into a turnover magnet and they see the same qualities in John Skelton as they do DA. Not very promising. Where is Mr. Checkdown when you need him? I hate to admit it, but I doubt if Matty Boy would have gotten anyone hurt. No pass would have gone passed 11 yards. What are your thoughts?