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Captain Of The Tailgate: A Final Thought

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In the final post of this series(I had to catch up on Wednesday if you noticed) I'd like to bow out with my thoughts on NFL tailgating as a whole. Bringing the food, drinks, and festivities are all important, but showing your team spirit is a must. The fans that dedicate themselves and stand in 100 degree weather are the ones that make the most of America's game.

Tailgating isn't always about going to the game. In fact, many fans only tailgate on Sundays without heading into the stadium. Although it sounds crazy, it says a lot about how much fun those fans have outside University of Phoenix Stadium. If you're on the fence about doing said tailgating, I'd suggest to give it a try. You don't need to know the biggest crowd, but certainly don't head out alone. Taking a few friends or family members will make the experience one to remember -- without the corny feeling I'm obviously glowing with.

You don't need the best of supplies either. A few chairs, a cooler, and a grill are simple to bring and easy to use. It' s a matter of your creative instinct that makes the biggest difference. As I've said in older posts, bring the drinks that best suit the occasion or tastes of your fellow group. Attempt to start up a game. Bring the comfort food that puts you in an exciting football mood. And if you really want to up the ante, set up a TV to watch the early or later games -- many tailgaters do this.

If the ball eventually gets rolling, the experience will only get better. There are always better items like drinking games, bigger grills, tastier food, and canopies. There's also the community that you will join. Have a good time with hundreds of fellow Cardinals' fans while you prepare for the game. The longer you tailgate, the bigger the possibilities. Like I said before, it's the spirit that you come with that matters most. Use Sunday to cap off a great week and begin a new week on a high note. After all, what would the NFL be without it?