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Arizona Cardinals Vs San Fransisco 49ers: Game Thread

I felt that today would be a good time to get this Gamethread up a little bit early so everyone who is watching the ESPN Pregame Show can talk about what they say about this matchup of 3-7 NFC West Powerhouses, along with the discussion between Larry Fitzgerald and Jon Gruden that they will show.

Cardinals/49ers games usually have something exciting happening no matter what the record is over the last couple of years, so even though this looks like a matchup between two bad teams to a lot of people out there, this could actually be a good game. And a win here would keep the Cardinals dismal playoff hopes alive. Lets see if they can do so, or if they will fall to 3-8 and shoot up even farther in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Either way, GO CARDINALS!