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Cardinals Roll Over And Die Against 49ers In 27-6 Loss on Monday Night Football

Normally, I would title this "The Good And The Bad From ___________", but lets be honest, there is no good from this game. Putrid performance across the board.

The Good:

Everyone who didn't leave at halftime got to enjoy a concert by Lighthouse. I've never heard of them, but it was probably better than the game.

The Bad:

Even though Troy Smith was a pedestrian 11 of 23 for 129 yards, a TD, and a Pick, he actually managed to throw a Touchdown to Michael Crabtree. It looked like the play could have been challenged, but it wasn't. The pick was also on a play where Crabtree tipped the ball to Michael Adams

Larry Fitzgerald dropped a Touchdown in the endzone after hitting the ground. He finished the game with 4 catches for 37 yards.

Derek Anderson was awful. He finished the game 16 of 35 with 196 yards and a Pick. Those numbers don't do justice to his performance, and one of his only good throws was a 43 yard bomb to Beanie Wells on a wheel route during the second possession of the game. He also smiled on the bench and joked around with Deuce Lutui after throwing the Pick, something that the announcers criticized him for. He also cursed out Kent Somers in the press conference after the game once Somers asked him about it.

On the first play for the Cardinals, Beanie Wells fumbled the handoff from Derek Anderson and the 49ers recovered it. On the next play, Troy Smith threw the 38 yard "Touchdown" to Crabtree.

The Cardinals were outgained on the ground 261 to 13. Those 13 yards were the lowest for the Cardinals since 1953 where they had -1 yard.

Following an injury to Frank Gore (who had 52 yards on 5 carries), Brian Westbrook looked like his old self and ran for 136 yards on 23 carries. He only had five carries for 9 yards on the season before the game. Numerous tackles were also broken on runs.

LaRod Stephens-Howling had a long kick return called back on a holding call by Daryl Washington. On the replay, most of us thought it was a bad call.

Tim Hightower had 0 yards on 5 carries.

A blocked Field Goal by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie resulted in a 3 and out for the offense.

Derek Anderson would have thrown a second Interception if Steve Breaston didn't make a great play to rip the ball away.

The Cardinals were 2 of 11 on 3rd down. The 49ers were 7 of 14 after being 3 of 25 during their last three games.

The 49ers had the ball for 39:01 minutes of the game, the Cardinals had it for 20:59 minutes.

The Cardinals are now 3-8, and their season is essentially over now. It is basically time to just hope that they get a high enough draft pick to get Andrew Luck or another Quarterback that isn't completely awful. They are also in last place in the NFC West, which is led by the 5-6 Rams and Seahawks. Truly an awful division. The Cardinals are a bad team this year, coaching has been poor (especially on the Defense), and playcalling on both sides of the ball has been bad.