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Gamethread Highlights: Halloween Nightmare Edition

Well, the Gamethread got off to a slow start on Sunday, but after a while things got going. And we all went from happy at the start, to being angry, then happy again, then furious. This is also the most comments that I have had to read through since I started doing this, so thanks for making me read more....

We hate the man who can never say the names correctly

az78true: Why is it always Brian Billick calling the damn games?
YoungCardsFanatic: I have to mute the TV a lot because of all the bias against the Cardinals
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: Is Kurt still dancing?

He was the best announcer so far this year

AlaskanCard: I'm glad Josh Hall is our QB
hadrarius: It would be nice if Billick could just once get Max Hall's name right.

It is so cute when we are all optimistic

KholdStare88: I gotta say

I severely underestimated 1) wet ball and 2) no Breaston. I thought those were somewhat insignificant factors, but I’m glad that I’m wrong and we can score TDs.

JoeCB1991: Small hands too.

Small hands + Wet ball is a bad thing.

BIGRED CARDINAL: He was still a lil off target on a few but much better performance already

And now everyone hates Hall again.

hadrarius: Hall is frigging killing us.

That was terrible. Keeps staring down the receiver. He is responsible for more Tampa points than Josh Freeman. WTF?

(He threw a Pick 6 earlier on a play where he was hit and the ball fluttered out of his hands)

az78true: Why do we kill ourselves always? Goddamnit!
JoeCB1991: Pasch said Anderson is warming up

And his first pass went over Skelton’s head.

AlaskanCard: well at this rate, our offense is sure to win this game...
edbro: you the game for the bucs? 2 td returns for them

Welcome back Swagtangibles

JoeCB1991: I hope Errant Anderception winds up playing better....
AlaskanCard: this was whiz's plan all along, make them prepare for hall and then put in DA
Irishcardinal: When is your bet for the skelton pool?

I say week 14

MarcusJC: is this 2007 all over again?? with the transfering of QBs
Jessesb: I feel that guy from the Water Boy
"We suck again!"
Than DA throws a nice pass. He’s gonna get my hopes up again and than shoot them down.

AlaskanCard: hit a lineman...OH NO WE SUCK AGAIN!!!
MarcusJC: umm from what is seen the helmet helped his accuracy
edbro: DANG IT DA!!! you hit your lineman in the head?!?!?!?
GraydonS: Seriously if we had a qb....
hadrarius: Can't keep gift wrapping games for the other team.

We are crushing the Bucs and are still losing.

GraydonS: I'm hoping for the only 100% wildcat offense.

We mad

AlaskanCard: and there's DRC bringing Toler back into the argument of best CB on the team
edbro: WOW PI on Wilson...LAME
AlaskanCard: can we just give them the game right now?
az78true: Seriously this season has been an outright ****ing nightmare. Why do we kill ourselves every game?
Sir Whirly: I like the no replay...
AlaskanCard: i know, convenient right?
Sir Whirly: He must've pushed off...

Really, watching the replay and you couldn’t see it? Sure is RefBall in here…

JoeCB1991: Rake my face and pour bleach on it.
AlaskanCard: well at least max hall has 3 td passes

(two of them to the other team)

JoeCB1991: Go up 14-7 and just implode.
Sir Whirly: How about, we ****ing can't get our **** together...
az78true: I feel like a manic depressive with all the ****ing ups and downs... the cardinal fan experience what a great album.
hadrarius: I'm ready to go shopping for a quarterback at the dollar store.

Nice visual

az78true: I don't know how many more punches to the nuts I can take my balls are the size of watermelons. I hate the fact the refs never call holding on the opposing team O-line.

We are sorry

toolman234: Nice to come back from taking the kids trick or treatin....

And find Max Hall has thrown 2 pick sixes. Way to break my good mood!


Something good happen please?

JoeCB1991: Come on DA

Please don't suck.

KholdStare88: Hello, I see boobies
Winter: Where were plays like that the first four weeks?
toolman234: And it looks like

we are fully committed to abandoning the run……NIIIIIIICE!!!

CanadianCard: This is so frustrating, Beanie wasn't handed the ball once on that last drive
GraydonS: I think our D gives up when our O sucks.
CanadianCard: TD TB, we're ****ed
MarcusJC: what hope do we have now? no constitant D and no Offense
Skii: This year reminds me of 2007

We’re using two QB’s every game more and more. And it’s not working. Just like 2007.

Irishcardinal: Silver lining..

I immediately put money on Tampa when DA went in. Looks like that bet is secure.

AlaskanCard: silver lining

I have a butt load of candy at my door and no trick-or-treaters yet

The momentum is a changin'

JoeCB1991: I think DA likes throwing at Breaston more than Fitz
CanadianCard: Nice pass to Doucet, we're inside the TB 40
JoeCB1991: The best DA has looked all year.
AlaskanCard: HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irishcardinal: Sorry LSH

The pundits said you weren’t allowed play in the NFL

(They all look like idiots now)

Sir Whirly: HOWLING!!!!

I love this little ****er.

Skii: Beanie Wells and Larod Stephens-Howling

Sounds like a great RB Combo to me.

edbro: HAYES!!!!!!!!!!!! TD
JoeCB1991: Welcome back Gerald Hayes
GraydonS: And we've got a ball game
edbro: D is PUMPED
JoeCB1991: It is loud in there.

On Favre after some talk about his chin laceration during the Patriots game

edbro: He went up a few notches in my book by sending those **** pics

After a sack by Porter

Irishcardinal: Hello Joe

JoeCB1991: Hi

Now it is changin' again after things started to look good....

AlaskanCard: is it sad that I'm scared to give the ball back to our offense?
CanadianCard: nope, as long as DA is there, they're is always a chance
Skii: Three injured players in three plays
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: I think it was LSH

that was wide open in the right flat.
He threw that ball 1000 mph to Ducet 5 yards away from him.

was like he had to get it though the "invisable brick wall" that was between them

Skii: DA throws so hard

I’m wondering if he’d be a good baseball pitcher.

edbro: Are you kidding me? Do you know how accurate you have to be, to be a pitcher?
b0rd3rline: Fitz and Titz show finally back!

DA hitz Fitz for the go ahead score!

GraydonS: DA 131.0 QB Rating. Looks weird....
edbro: Hopefully he doesn't regress to the mean
CanadianCard: Amazing comeback

But I just realized this team is really bad for my health, one moment I’m sick the other I’m excited as heck. It’s like having a fever and losing it, having it again and losing it

Skii: Defense, please don't collapse now
Skii: I want to shoot someone
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: wow

did we really just let a guy get behind double coverage

Skii: I'm thinking of making a Josh Freeman flag

Then burning it during the 4th Quarter of next weeks game.

CanadianCard: WOW, Toler and Rhodes ****ed up bad
Skii: Hey, Josh Freeman?

Go jump off a cliff.

Kay thanks.

Skii: Funny how just a few minutes ago we were all talking about how much we love this team
CanadianCard: This is DA's final moment to prove him self


AlaskanCard: and that's what happens when DA is your qb
Skii: I hate the Bucs

I hate Josh Freeman.

I hate our Offense.

I hate the guy who injured LSH.

I hate Tampa Bay.

One last chance

JoeCB1991: Another Oakland miracle please...
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: need to hold them

to a FG attempt
or get a turnover


Out of field goal range!

AlaskanCard: BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CanadianCard: OMG, DA is going to give me a heart attack
AlaskanCard: why aren't we running the ball?!?!?!
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: why have we completely abandoned the running game?
JoeCB1991: Picked off

**** you DA....

edbro: yours truly Anderception
AlaskanCard: ARE YOU ****ING KIDDIG ME?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Cryptopunk: And this is why Anderson is not the answer...
AlaskanCard: Anderson is a ****ing ass****
CanadianCard: DOUCET WAS WIDE OPEN!!!!

Game over.... And some Post-Game rants.

najmsh: no ****ing way...
edbro: Blount kills us. Nail in the coffin
AlaskanCard: why did we not run the ****ing ball?
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: DA pulls defeat right from jaws of victory
Wombat55: sad thing

this will just happen again next week cause someone seems to think this is working

AlaskanCard: good thing we didn't run the ball,**** in Ass wouldn't have been able to **** the game for us
AlaskanCard: I don't blame the defense for giving up, what did the offense do to help them?
edbro: That's all on Whiz... Why do you let DA throw it? Run the ball. Worst case scenario you settle for a field goal and go to OT
toolman234: Fire Whisenhunt

and bring back Leinart……TODAY!!!!!

cardsfanforlife24: anybody know DA's email address?
i want to send him a tasteful email just telling him how much he ****in sucks.
Whiz’s email – let him know how terrible he is at play calling
I won’t expect a response from either of them, DA’s email would get intercepted and Whiz’s … nothing clever he just sucks at play calling
toolman234: come TBay didn't pass it on 3rd down like we did vs NO?


GDLCardsfan: Do not fire Whisenhunt...

But its obvious letting Leinart go was a HUGE mistake… he wouldnt have been this bad…. Its gonna be interesting to see whis respond to this, New QB in next years draft?? or just trust either hall or skelton?? Anderson is definetly out!!!

AlaskanCard: wonderful play anderson fing idiot
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: well lets face it...WE SUCK!!!
Wombat55: long shot of Fitz...

all he is thinking is i gotta get the **** outta here

AlaskanCard: he can't even throw an end of the game bomb right
edbro: **** YOU WHIZ


letting DA throw it inside the redzone
not kicking a field goal in the 2nd quarter when you were only down 7

AlaskanCard: **** in Ass shouldn't be in th UFL let alone the NFL
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs: I can't help thinking
what a bunch of idiots we are..rooting for this worthless team.
I’m so frustrated.
BIGRED CARDINAL: I dont give a damn

how green skelton is because i know he will have better decision making and accuracy than anderson and hall combined so put him in and lets develop him

AlaskanCard: I'm so pissed, screw the trick-or-treaters, I'm eatting all the fing candy!
AlaskanCard: Forget Revenge of the Birds, this blog should be called Masochistics Anonymous
JoeCB1991: Watching the Cardinals this year proves that Kurt Warner is a Hall of Fame QB...