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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: How Should The Cardinals Handle Anderson's Post-Game Tirade?

Quick question for everyone, after Derek Anderson's poor performance last night, and this tirade...

Derek Anderson Goes Nuts at Press Conference (via RockSoftwareTV)

What should be done?

It does seem pretty obvious that the team has packed it in for the season (mainly the Defense), but this rant could just make everything worse. Some of the players on offense might lose the respect (if any) that they had for Anderson, and it could make people question his leadership (one of the qualities that was talked about as the reason he was the starter instead of Matt Leinart.). Can he really stay in for the rest of the year? I don't think Max Hall or John Skelton would be much of an improvement right now, and that is pretty much the only reason Derek Anderson should stay in, because even though he is bad right now there isn't much to give you any faith in the other guys.

This rant that would make Dennis Green smile just sums up how bad this wasted season has been for Arizona.

Your thoughts?