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Whisenhunt Announces That Anderson Will Remain As Starting Quarterback

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Albert Einstein: "The Definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."

In his Press Conference this morning, Coach Whiz announced that Derek Anderson will still be the Starting Quarterback going into Sundays matchup with the Rams.

He also said that at this time, Derek Anderson gives the Cardinals the best chance to win (what does that say about John Skelton and Max Hall?). He also said that he doesn't want to play Skelton this year because he doesn't want to run the risk of "damaging a young player" by having him play. I'd assume that is because of how raw Skelton is.

Whiz also said that there is a lot the team has to fix up right now, and that the joking around between Anderson and Deuce Lutui is very minor compared to everything else that is wrong. He also said it is "Tough to say that we don't have a bad football team when we've lost this many games in a row". but he thinks the players feel like they can still win, and they are going to keep working at that.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. The Bird Droppings post will also be up later today.