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11-30-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Another bad loss, Derek Anderson is still the QB, and he will probably be featured in Press Hop 3 if DJ Steve Porter makes another one of those videos...

On to the links.

Last-place Arizona Cardinals lose 6th straight game
The best team in the NFC West has yet to be determined, but after Monday night, there is no question which is the worst. The Arizona Cardinals answered that with 27-6 loss to the 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium.

49ers vs. Cardinals - Recap - November 29, 2010 - NFL - Football -
Brian Westbrook finally got an opportunity to show he can still do it. News that San Francisco's Frank Gore has a broken right hip means more chances are just ahead. Westbrook rushed for 136 yards and a touchdown in place of the injured Gore and the 49ers sent punchless Arizona to its sixth straight loss, 27-6 Monday night in a shower of boos from the Cardinals home crowd.

Hard Loss At Home
In a locker room filled with quiet and frustration, it was a smile that reverberated around the Cardinals Monday night. The Cards had just lost to the 49ers, 27-6, at University of Phoenix Stadium. At one point late in the contest, ESPN cameras showed quarterback Derek Anderson and guard Deuce Lutui on the bench talking and Anderson smiling at something Lutui said. Anderson said Lutui was just trying to say something positive in a situation that was anything but. When pressed on the subject, Anderson became loudly animated.

Rapid Reaction: 49ers 27, Cardinals 6 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
What it means: The Cardinals appear finished. They've lost six in a row, falling to 3-8 and they are showing no signs they can bounce back. It's almost certainly going to be a long December in Arizona even though the Cardinals' schedule appears favorable. The 49ers helped bring clarity to the division by affirming this is a three-team race between St. Louis, Seattle and San Francisco. The 49ers showed they could bounce back from an embarrassing defeat the previous week. The way they ran the ball against Arizona should put Seattle on notice for when the teams play at Candlestick Park in Week 14, particularly if Frank Gore returns from the hip injury he suffered Monday night.

Cards QB Anderson storms from interview - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Quarterbacks lacking poise generally do not last long in the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals' Derek Anderson did not last long during his postgame interview session Monday night.

Cardinals Shellacked At Home On MNF, 27-6 - SB Nation Arizona
The Cardinals are who we thought they were but hoped they weren't. Does this team have any pride left?

Handoff Hurts Cards
The play derailed things quickly for the Cardinals. They had held up the 49ers on the first drive and San Francisco replacement kicker Shane Andrus missed a field goal. But on the Cards’ first offensive snap, quarterback Derek Anderson and running back Beanie Wells couldn’t connect on a handoff.

Arizona QB Derek Anderson lets loose in postgame tirade - ESPN
Derek Anderson raised his voice and his eyes bulged wide. Looking directly at a reporter in the crowd, the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback let loose. Taking exception to repeated questions about why he was laughing on the sideline late in a blowout loss to San Francisco, Anderson went on a profanity-laced tirade during a postgame news conference Monday night before abruptly walking out.

Arizona Cardinals' season turns from bad to worse in Monday Night Football debacle
The season is circling the drain. The nest is full of boo birds. After a 27-6 loss to the 49ers on Monday, the situation in Arizona is beyond bleak. The Cardinals need more than a quarterback. They need a quarterback who can play defense.

San Francisco 49ers' Brian Westbrook steps up after Frank Gore leaves vs. Arizona Cardinals
It was a classic game of hide-and-seek. The San Francisco 49ers' training staff, fearful that running back Frank Gore might further hurt his injured hip by returning to the game, hid his helmet. Then the coaching staff turned the ball over to his backup, veteran Brian Westbrook, and let him seek a return to his glory days.

Cardinals fail to slow San Francisco 49ers' run game
The Arizona Cardinals knew it was coming, and the San Francisco 49ers obliged. Again and again.

Anderson's tirade the only passion from Cardinals
The disparity in perspectives was striking.

Silver linings: Cardinals vs. 49ers - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The facts: The Cardinals fell to 3-8 with a 27-6 defeat against the San Francisco 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium in Week 12.

Have the Cardinals lost their heart? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The San Francisco 49ers are rolling over the Arizona Cardinals 21-6 at halftime. This is as lifeless as I can remember seeing the Ken Whisenhunt-era Cardinals at home, particularly for a prime-time game with their season on the line.

49ers can take solace: At least they aren’t the Cardinals | ProFootballTalk
For one night, the 49ers looked like the team Mike Singletary envisioned before the season. San Francisco rushed for 261 yards in a convincing 27-6 victory over the Cardinals. Brian Westbrook had a game to remember with 136 yards on 23 carries often running through gigantic holes. He had nine yards on the season going into the game, but San Francisco lost Frank Gore to a hip injury after only five carries.

49ers aftermath
Well, I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect the Cards to get beat up by the Niners like that, and I didn’t expect Derek Anderson to be all over the TV and radio when it was over because of his heated postgame comments (You can see the video here). That a few seconds of Anderson smiling on the sideline would garner so much attention is amazing yet understandable at the same time. I didn’t even see the video until after the postgame interview process was over, but I darn sure heard about it via Twitter from a lot of fans – already upset at the way the game was going – even moreso after seeing the quarterback like that. (I am also sure fans heard Jon Gruden on the telecast questioning it too).

Video Gallery
Whisenhunt's Tuesday Presser

Video Gallery
Looking for answers in 27-6 loss to 49ers

NFL Videos: Cardinals postgame press conference
Cardinals react following game with 49ers

NFL Videos: Anderson sounds off after loss
Derek Anderson shows his frustration after being asked about an incident that occurred during the Cardinals loss to the 49ers.

NFL Videos: 49ers vs. Cardinals highlights
Brian Westbrook and the 49ers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-6 to get back in the race for the NFC West.

Madden 11 Week 12 Ratings Change Suggestions |
Due to going a week without a roster update for Madden 11 cause of the holiday, the update on Friday will include two weeks worth of adjustments. That should make for a significant shift for some players and teams as the NFL season heads into its final stretch.

49ers, Cardinals wage costly duel - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A fractured right hip forced Frank Gore to use crutches Monday night as he departed University of Phoenix Stadium following the San Francisco 49ers' 27-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. This qualified as a graceful exit after Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson stormed from his postgame interview session amid repeated questions about camera shots showing Anderson and Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui laughing on the sideline after the game was out of reach.

Where NFC West teams rank: Week 12 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A few highlights regarding where NFC West teams rank in various statistical categories through Week 12:

Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers play of the game
Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers play of the game, The game was scoreless. The Cardinals had the ball on their 38-yard line. There was 9:48 remaining in the first quarter. blogs - Kent Somers - Post-game spread
The e-mails, texts and tweets started coming Monday night just seconds after ESPN showed quarterback Derek Anderson and guard Deuce Lutui smiling on the bench when the Cardinals trailed by 18 points in the fourth quarter.

Derek Anderson Tirade Backlash: The Man's Smile Is Not The Cardinals' Problem - SB Nation Arizona
He's not their solution, either. Enough with the petty tribunals.

Derek Anderson has his Denny Green moment, sort of | ProFootballTalk
On Monday night, ESPN’s Jon Gruden had a rare Chucky moment, calling out Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson for yukking it up on the sidelines with guard Deuce Lutui while the home team was losing to the 49ers by 18 points. After the game, Anderson was asked about it during a press conference. Let’s just say there was no laughing then.

Horse Balls Is For Serious Every Single Week
Donning the Drew Magary Label salmon polo, Derek Anderson laid into reporters who would dare question why a not entirely sullen expression crossed his face on the sideline while the team was getting demolished by the 49ers. Hey, no worries, champ. You lost the game but you won inclusion into the next DJ Steve Porter press conference meltdown mix.

Derek Anderson Laughs, Curses His Way Through 21-Point Loss
Down 18 in the fourth quarter, the Arizona quarterback was filmed laughing with lineman Deuce Lutui on the sideline. A reporter asked "what was so funny" in the post-game presser, and Anderson (16-35, 196 yards, 1 interception) said "nothing's funny!" Then he snapped! This is funny, Derek!

Last Night's Winner: The Case For The BCS In The NFL
Just what was Derek Anderson laughing about? We're just guessing, but maybe it's the fact that his Cardinals, at 3-7, are just two games out of first. Someone's going to win that division, and they might not even be bowl-eligible.

Cardinals' Derek Anderson Takes His Media Meltdowns Seriously -
What was an unexciting and one-sided affair Monday night turned quickly into a media sideshow once Derek Anderson stormed off the dais after being asked about laughing on the sideline. Should he actually be a little less serious?

NFC West QB rankings through Week 12 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
My weekly look at where NFC West quarterbacks stand (trending arrows indicate general direction, not necessarily a change in ranking from the previous week): - Green: Welcome back, Same Old Cardinals
Oh hey there, it's, umm, nice to see you. Sorry I was so quick to let you go, but I really thought I was finally ready to move on. After all, I felt after 16 years things had run their course with us. We would both be better off if we parted ways. You see, Same Old Cardinals, I was suckered into believing things could change, that the way I knew did not have to be the way it would always be. - Burns: It can't get worse for the Cardinals
Paul Calvisi is wrong. My co-host on Sports Interactive likes to say "it can always get worse." Against their division rival, in a game that both teams have pointed to since August, on the second biggest stage in the sport, the Arizona Cardinals laid down and had their tummies scratched. I defy anyone to tell me how it can get worse than what I just saw. - Espo: The Whiz of Odds
If you play an Arizona Cardinals' game along side "The Wizard of Oz" you'd be surprised just how well the two line up. It's much better than the Cards have lineup against opponents this season. Each has someone looking for a brain: the Tin Man and Cardinals' offense. Each has one looking for a heart: the Cowardly Lion and Cardinals' defense. Both even have someone, or many, just looking to go home, Dorothy and the fans. There might even be some looking for courage, but we haven't seen any of that yet this season. Heck even Derek Anderson resembled Todo, furry, just kind of there but not helping much and extremely yippy. Both the Cardinals and the film even have a Wizard, or at least a Whiz, in charge of everything.

Anderson still the QB, and "the same things"
Coach Ken Whisenhunt said it plainly today: Derek Anderson will remain the starting quarterback. Whisenhunt said it was because Anderson gives the Cardinals the best chance to win. I know it wasn’t/isn’t what fans are looking for right now. On the subject of quarterback, Whisenhunt also made it clear that John Skelton was unlikely to play this season barring injuries that would force him to. blogs - Bob McManaman - Who's worst? 'MNF' makes it sound like it's Cardinals
The national spotlight rolled into town with ESPN’s "Monday Night Football" crew and it didn’t take long for the boys in the booth to start slinging the darts. "I don’t know which team is the worst in the NFC West," analyst Jon Gruden said As Monday’s game between the 49ers and Cardinals unfolded, though, it became quite clear which team was going to win that dubious honor. You didn’t need to wait for the final score – San Francisco 27, Arizona 6 – to understand that.

Arizona Cardinals rewind: What we learned in 27-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals rewind: What we learned in 27-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Recapping the offense, defense and special teams' efforts in the Monday night game.

Musings And Frustrations From Week 12 For The Arizona Cardinals - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Well, the Arizona Cardinals blew it big time on Monday Night Football against their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Was there any knowledge to be gained from the disaster? - Rough night for Derek Anderson from first snap to final question
It was a tough night for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson. Literally, from the beginning to the end and everything in between, not much -- if anything -- went right. - Whiz upset with play, says he'll start Derek Anderson
Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is just as upset as the fans about the Cardinals current six game losing streak. While he expects his players to be able to turn it around, he doesn't expect the fans to be patient while the team tries to right the ship. Blogs " Blog Archive Pick Six: Best NFL meltdowns "
For the less intense football fans, here’s an important question I haven’t seen asked yet: Where does Derek Anderson’s postgame rant after Monday night’s loss to the 49ers rank among the NFL’s all-time best meltdowns? Beyond someday being morphed into commercials for beer companies, the classic meltdown — where emotions temporarily block out sanity — leaves us with such fond memories. Here’s one blogger’s list:

Frank Gore's injury means more work for Brian Westbrook - NFL -
Frank Gore's season is over. The San Francisco 49ers placed their star running back on season-ending injured reserve Tuesday. Gore fractured his right hip during the Niners' 27-6 win at Arizona on Monday night and was scheduled to undergo further tests to determine the severity of the injury. It's a big blow for San Francisco, which at 4-7 is only a game out in the NFC West despite an 0-5 start.

Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan fight should have drawn suspensions - Peter King -
A six-pack of quick NFL thoughts, including a first peek at the 2011 draft board, then your mail:

NFL Power Rankings Week 13 - National Football League - ESPN
Three games dominate the Week 13 landscape. These divisional rematches will provide a litmus test for the top of the latest NFL Power Rankings.

Power rankings: How the voters voted - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Chicago Bears continued their steady climb in's NFL Power Rankings for Week 13. As shaky as Chicago once appeared, there's no denying the Bears' revival. Their victory over Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles helped move them into the No. 7 spot, up from No. 12 last week and No. 17 the week before. The Bears were ranked sixth heading into Week 4.

The day ahead: NFC West quick hitters - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals. Coach Ken Whisenhunt fielded multiple questions suggesting fans want to see wholesale changes. The reality? Those options tend to be imaginary. There simply aren't that many great options at this stage of a season. It's reasonable to expect the Cardinals to give more playing time to a few younger players. Rookie nose tackle Dan Williams comes to mind.

New York tabloid says Brady has long hair to cover bald spot - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
All season we've been asking ourselves how Tom Brady could think his Bieber-hair is a good look. What we should have been asking is what possessed him to grow out his flowing mane in the first place. According to The New York Daily News, Brady's long hair is a preemptive strike against male pattern baldness. The tabloid quotes a National Enquirer story which says Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, has ordered the quarterback to visit a hair restoration specialist in an attempt to curb the baldness gene that runs in the family. In that process, hair from the back and sides would be transplanted to the bald spot and the new growth would be seamless.

Josh McDaniels has another ghost | ProFootballTalk
Troubling statements continue to come out of the Broncos organization about Josh McDaniels.

Tom Brady To Endorse Uggs Boots, Give Critics Softest, Most Comfortable Ammunition Ever - From Our Editors -
On Thanksgiving against the Lions, he reminded us yet again that he's Tom Brady and we should fear him. After a quiet first half left the Patriots in a whole, four second half touchdowns left no doubt about who was the best player on the field that day. And just like that, the Patriots look like (maybe) the best team in the entire league. All because Brady's got his swagger back. The most powerful example yet? He's now endorsing Uggs. And let's be honest: it takes SWAGGER for a man to endorse furry boots designed primarily for women, and especially popular among preppy high school girls.

Nick Folk may get the boot | ProFootballTalk
In a development that won’t surprise Cowboys fans, Jets kicker Nick Folk has hit a serious slump in New York. Over the last three weeks, Folk has hit only 6-of-11 field goals. He’s 0-for-4 on kicks over 40 yards and has started to struggle with the most basic tasks of his job.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Is This The End Of The Indianapolis Colts? - SB Nation Arizona
The Cardinals are on the brink of the bottom while the Chargers are racing towards the top. news: Report: Shoulder injury will end Raiders' Gradkowski's season
Raiders quarterback Bruce Gradkowski could miss the rest of the season after an MRI exam Monday revealed a third-degree separation of his throwing shoulder, the Oakland Tribune reported Tuesday, citing a source familiar with the situation.

Report: NFLPA facing backlash on 18-game season | ProFootballTalk
The NFLPA has done a good job of getting the players to care about labor issues. As it turns out, perhaps too good.

Is James Harrison being unfairly profiled for dangerous hits? - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
It's becoming every bit the Sunday tradition as laughter-filled pregame shows, thrilling games called by Gus Johnson and "60 Minutes" coming up next except on the West Coast: James Harrison getting flagged for a personal foul and then complaining about it after the game. The only difference is, this time the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker might have a point.