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Captain Of The Tailgate: The Basics

Yes, as you can imagine, our beloved site has added another important sponsor to the list. This time it's the alcoholic beverage known as Captain Morgan. I can't speak for everyone, but I can say confidently that I've experienced a few event-filled nights drinking the aforementioned beverage. I'm sure some of you are familiar with it considering we wouldn't be Cardinals fans without the anger-easer that is alcohol.

These sponsored posts will be subject to tailgating. If you've ever experienced a football game, then you should know that tailgating is a part of the experience. Without it, the game just wouldn't be the same. My first post will be about the essentials -- should you ever decide to take part in the experience.

The shade -- In Arizona, shade is needed. Too many times I've roasted just like the meat on the grill because the sun was well exposed to my head. Most tailgaters in the grass field use a canopy. They will usually run you between $100 - $200 dollars, but if you're an experienced online shopper, you may find a better deal out there. Investing in the canopy will be well worth it and it makes for a central base to return to after the game.

The grill -- Without the grill, you have nothing. Considering that is where the food is prepared, it only makes sense. Grills can range in price and size, but it all depends on how serious you are about your food. It's hard not to spot a tailgater without one when entering a game. Some of the best food you can find is sitting directly outside of the stadium and it's made by a fan grilling meat. I've had my share of it and wouldn't want anything else on gameday.

The beer/drinks -- As mentioned above -- you're at a Cardinals game. Do you need any other reason to drink? The beer helps you hype up and then doubles to ease the pain of a close win or loss. It also works great considering you can drink before, during, and after the game. The choice of drink, is up to you.

The seating -- You would be hard-pressed not to sit down while tailgating. While it may seem simple, consider that you'll be exposed to the Arizona temperatures and the alcohol, and it would be a dangerous combination to stand for hours at a time. The seating begins and ends your tailgating day with relaxation and comfort.

Of course, there are many more elements to a great tailgating experience at an NFL game, let alone a Cardinals game. That's what I'll save for the next few weeks, as this post will run for another month. What would you consider a basic need to a good tailgating experience? And now I'll leave you with a video from our sponsor.