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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: Which Quarterback Situation Do You Want?

I thought I'd get in a short Revenge of the Birds community question for today, before tomorrow's game against the Minnesota Vikings. As you may know, the Vikings and Cardinals share similar beginnings to the 2010 season. Both have faced issues with a future Hall of Fame quarterback. Both teams lost in the playoffs last season against the New Orleans Saints. And both teams had high hopes of making another playoff appearance this season. So I ask you -- which quarterback situation would you prefer?

The choice would either be the combination of Max Hall and Derek Anderson, or Brett Favre. Normally I'd take Favre in a heartbeat, but this season he is clearly facing the tides of being a 41-year old quarterback in the NFL. Age has taken a factor on his body and although he's a warrior, at some point we should have expected it out of the legend. On the other foot you have the struggling duo of Hall and Anderson. Both have had their opportunities to start and lead this team, but both faltered. Their numbers say a lot about how the offense has played this season. Now the decision is up to you -- well, sort of.