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Game Ball Of The Week: Brett Favre

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I don't like honoring a Cardinal after a loss -- hence the reason Joe has handled Cardinal of the Week after the Cardinals' last three defeats. Since the game ball of the week doesn't need to go to an actual Cardinal, I thought I'd award it to the most-deserving player. If you watched Sunday's loss to the Vikings, then you probably saw a future Hall of Fame quarterback orchestrate a comeback win -- only something he's done 46 times throughout his career.

That player is Brett Favre. His stat-line read -- 446 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, and a 101.9 passer rating. This was also his second 400-yard game, and the 446 yards were a career high. I think I can confidently leave it at that and hand over the game ball to Favre. If only one of the Cardinals current quarterbacks could accomplish such a thing...