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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: Will The Sellout Streak End This Year?

Will this even be seen at the games soon? Will he just be replaced by a ton of empty seats?
Will this even be seen at the games soon? Will he just be replaced by a ton of empty seats?

As many of you know, the fanbase for a lot of teams in Arizona is considered to be poor. A lot of people who live here are from other states and they keep their loyalties with the team from their original state, and many of the fans of Arizonan teams are considered to be bandwagoners or fair weather fans. Sometimes it seems like the people here just move back and forth between being fans of whichever team is playing the best, and when that team starts to play badly again they move on to the next team that is playing well. Right now, some people in the media (like Florio) are predicting that with the return to the "Same 'Ol Cardinals" we will see a return to the days when the team played at Sun Devil Stadium when the place would usually be half empty.

I would personally be disgusted by the fanbase if this happens. I am someone who will keep watching any of the teams that play here no matter how bad they get. And I do watch every team that plays in Arizona, the Cardinals, the Suns, the Coyotes, the Diamondbacks. I even watch the Mercury and the Rattlers. I believe that you should stand behind the teams in your state and root for them even when times are tough, and I still get mad after any defeat even if the season itself is already lost. I am also going to have tickets to the game against the Broncos (thanks to CardsFan08) and I would still go even if the Cardinals have lost every game this season before it to cheer them on.


A sight that I never want to see again.

True story. I went to all of the home games for my old High School (McClintock) this season, they got off to a 2-2 start including a 59-0 butt-whoopin' of their rival Tempe High, following that they lost six in a row including a game that went to overtime because they had a 25 yard field goal blocked on the final play in regulation, they then went on to lose after being unable to score during their possession after the other team had already scored a Touchdown during theirs to begin overtime. I could have stayed home because of how badly they were playing during that six game losing streak, but I still kept going so I could cheer them on, and even after the losses I would go up to the sidelines after the game was ended and join some of the other students in giving the players high fives while they walked off the field.

I did that because I think it is what fans should do. You cheer when good things happen, you boo when bad things happen, but no matter what you always support your team. Now most of us on this site are the diehards who will always support the Cardinals even during the bad times. Most of us were probably watching during those bad times when most of the games were getting blacked out. But you can't say the same about some of the current fans, the ones who only watch because of the 2008 season. It is an embarrassment when you look at how some fanbases will still sell out their stadiums and be loud even during the bad times (Chiefs fans last season are a pretty good example).

So, I ask you, what do you think will happen now? Will the sellout streak continue and will people still support the team? Or will University of Phoenix Stadium be half full during home games next year or even during the last batch of home games this year?