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John Skelton Named Starting Quarterback

Well, what we have been expecting to hear all week long has finally been announced. Max Hall is on the Injured Reserve, Derek Anderson hasn't passed his concussion tests (and I'd say that we have seen enough of him by now), and Richard Bartel would probably need the most limited playbook you can find if he had to go on, so the only real logical option has come to pass. John Skelton, the rookie who the Cardinals picked up in the 5th round of the draft (they actually moved up to get him by trading a sixth round draft pick and Bryant McFadden to the Steelers) this year will get the start against Denver, and if he plays well enough I'd assume we will get to see him play for the final four games as well.

I learned from having high expectations when Max Hall went in that it is probably the best if we don't expect him to play out of his mind on Sunday, but it will be interesting to see how he looks. The coaching staff described him as a project who would not be ready for up to another year, and I want to see if they were right or wrong with those claims. The rookie blunders are expected, but I want to see how he develops over these final four games, and I want to see the Cardinals actually make an effort to run the ball even when they are behind on the scoreboard to keep some of the pressure off of Skelton.

Overall, with a 3-9 record this is a lost season, and Skelton at the least provides an intriguing storyline for the rest of the season, and he could also provide some hope for next season if he plays well. His performance could also help determine if the Cardinals try to pick up a veteran like Marc Bulger in the offseason or go for one of the big name quarterbacks in the draft like Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, and Ryan Mallet.

I will be at the game on Sunday, and more than anything I am interested in seeing how Skelton plays. So I ask you, what does RotB want to see from John Skelton on Sunday?